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GoAnimate Discount 2019

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GoAnimate Introduction

Vyond has another revolution designed especially for the education industry with more security features added to animate the videos for students.  This company was founded in 2007 by name Goanimate. Vyond believes to give the power of creating the video in everyone's hand. Goanimate4schoold gives power to the teachers to educate their students with animation that will attract the students from all age groups. This animation maker will revolutionize the way education is delivered across the globe with a traditional blackboard or powerpoint presentations. GoAnimate recently changed to Vyond. Grab the latest vyond coupon code and get $99 discount.

Why is GoAnimate The Best?

Creating video was never an easy job that too with animation. Vyond is a boon to the education industry today with its Goanimate4school that carries special secure feature to build videos and characters for students with all the safety involved.

It allows more privacy and security features that allow the teacher to take control of the publication of the video publicly. It cannot be accessed without the teacher's approval.

All the characters and contents are designed for K12 students and are safe as per the internet regulatory laws in the USA and other countries.

Teachers can moderate the videos and accept or reject videos made by students. Also, a teacher can assign students to groups. I can see this animation features collaborated with the old system of Canvas or Blackboard learning management system.


Safe Online Environment

The teacher has the authority to create and publish the videos in a safe online environment with ease of giving access to the students in a group managing and creating safe K-12 online content.

Add Powerful Tools

All the tools are available in the app just at a mouse click no need of special skills or training to animate the presentation. You have the power to choose characters, build dialogues, add music, texts and props and pictures just by a click

Characters With Right Moves

All the characters build in the powerful animator has the appropriate moves safe for K12 students to use.

Videos For Versatile & Wide Range Of Uses

The videos can be created for a various wide range of uses. The examples are below:

  1. Creating home videos for online students makes learning easier and interactive for students.
  2. Introduce new topics and lessons with the animated videos to create the interest in the student groups.
  3. Creating animated presentations will make you stand out in the crowd who are used to of boring paper presentation.
  4. Create reports and stories in an animated way to share with your peers and upper management. This will bring interest and humor in the late afternoon boring meetings.
  5. You can engage students with special needs who learn by watching than reading. You will be able to assist those students more easily.
  6. You can make international students practice their language skills by creating funny leaning interactive videos.
  7. Students are creative and enthusiastic they can create excellent learning videos on various socio-economic topics, bullying and respect on campus that will be helpful in raising awareness in the society.


I think its definitely a must try in the education industry for the teachers to enhance and shape the future of the students in a creative way. If we are looking to change the old schooling system in our society then we will have to adopt the magical VYOND for schools, Goanimate4schools. You can also create videos from personal use to your enterprise users. Grab the latest powtoon coupon code and get exclusive 15% discount on the pro and above plans.