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Gazelle Discount Code 2019

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Gazelle Introduction

Technology is fast evolving and many people upgrade their phones every so often. Many people, however, are often left wondering where to take their old phones. That is where Gazelle comes in. Gazelle is an eCommerce company that purchases and sells customer’s old electronics. Among the products they specialize in are; tablets, desktops, Smartphone, and laptops. The company then examines and certifies them before selling them off at cost-effective prices. Gazelle is ideal for every type of customer and they strive to provide convenience and simplicity.

In 2015, Gazelle was acquired by eco ATM. This provided their customers with an easy access to their products through an online platform. The company operates two brands; automated machines also known as Gazelle ecoATM kiosks that provide convenience when it comes to disposing of your old gadgets. EcoATM kiosks, on the other hand, are situated in high frequented retailer shops and malls.

Why is Gazelle the Best?

Gazelle is committed to providing their customers with instant value for their old gadgets. They pay gadget owners on the spot. Additionally, both ecoATM and are committed to providing consumers with the best options in regard to purchasing and trading second-hand electronics. The company strives to deliver appropriate consumer related solutions through online platforms or one on one. Both and ecoATM have random rewards for smart consumers. The company is a first in the technology industry when it comes to recycling of electronic gadgets.

This not only saves the environment, it develops long-term quick fixes that safeguard the earth and subsequent generations. Both brands provide consumers with a fast, easy, convenient, and secure way to trade their gadgets for cash. sells off certified pre-owned gadgets at a fairer price in comparison to other players in the market. 


Gazelle, a company that was launched in 2007 is today an established entity that handles and recycles all used electronic gadgets. Whether you have an old iPhone, Samsung, Ipad, tablets, or even an Apple TV, the company experts will buy and recycle it. They incorporate the services of well-equipped staffs that are capable of handling all brands and models available in the market today.

You can sell that Smartphone that you no longer use and Gazelle will examine it to ensure it is functional enough for the next consumer. They then certify the same and release it to their shops for trade. If you are a consumer looking for a reasonably priced Smartphone from any brand, is at your service. Purchase examined, tried, tested, and certified gadget at a reasonable price. The company’s customer service team is the foundation of their success. They strive to give every consumer a lifetime experience.                                                                                                         


Everyone desires to own a good Smartphone. However, we cannot deny the fact that high-quality Smartphones can be quite expensive. With so many people changing their phones frequently, has identified an opportunity to help you get your dream gadget at very reasonable prices. In addition, the company has stepped in to fill the gap in the electronic recycling industry.