G Suite Promo Code 2019 | 20% OFF Discount Coupon For Basic & Business

G Suite Promo Code

The all-new G Suite pricing is pretty affordable for any size company but incases you feel like getting some discount on it, yes you can. Google provides promo codes for different countries on basic and business plan. Based on the chosen country and plan you will get a promo code.

You can avail a flat 20% discount on the plan which is almost $10 saving per user. Grab your country promo code and start enjoying G Suite.


What is G Suite?

Google’s G suite is designed for businesses to make work more efficient. G Suite comes with a system which includes, emails, docs, drive, and calendars. With G Suite, all you have to do is to put together your best work on one platform that works exceptionally well on your computer, phone or tablet.

G Suite is everything your business needs, regarding workflow and communication in one package. Connect with your teammates regardless of where they are, with Gmail, Calendars, Google+ and Hangouts. They say teamwork makes dreamwork, create along with your colleagues with the help of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, keep and Jamboard.

You can store all your files and work on Google Drive and have access to them from wherever you are. You can search for any relevant document or data with an advanced Google Cloud Search. This is one of the most useful features for someone that has to travel and work at the same time. Gone are the days when you had to carry a hard disk around with your along with all your work. With simple taps get access to your work.


G Suite’s priority is to keep your work safe. The company has built tools such as Admin, where you can manage user settings for your entire team. You can archive, export data through the vault and the Mobile Management also lets you secure data with the help of your mobile device. You don’t have to spend any more time necessary than securing a piece of the document in the cloud.

With G Suite you can make everything customized from personalized email ID to template-sized documents. You can get a professional email id, for instance, you can create a business email for yourself such as [email protected] Isn't that pretty cool? It doesn't just end there; you can also create group mailing lists such as [email protected] or [email protected]

G Suite also comes with a ton of storage options. The basic edition itself comes with a 30GB storage space and you the option to upgrade to unlimited storage plans as well. Upgrade to the Business, Enterprise, to Tea editions. It is no surprise that Google has an extensive 24/7 customer service that helps you with any question to issue. Get the support you need with G Suite, and you can always find helpful answers with Google’s help center. The Latest G Suite has advanced admin controls. The admin can now add or remove users, set up groups and security options like 2- step verification, single-sign-on, and more from one centralized admin system.

The mobile management takes the convenience of using G suite to the next level. You can keep your company’s data secure with this device management. This device management also lets you locate devices, require passwords and erase data when needed. Apart from all these cool features, G Suite has another feature that stands out from the rest, The simplicity of data migration. Often when you are changing company systems, the transfer of data from one server to another can get time-consuming and challenging. But with Google’s migration tools and impeccable services, you can move all your company’s vital data to G suite right from your existing storage solutions.

Latest G Suite Features

Google is continuously working on making G Suite the best possible tool in the market for businesses to maintain a smooth workflow. G Suite has all the features a business needs for keeping in touch and getting work done… G Suite came up with cool features that can help you be even more efficient with your workday. Working in teams can get tiring and can end up in chaos. All the new G Suite features make working together a lot more comfortable.

Come to an agreement face-to-face

Share your schedules with your colleagues through Google’s shared calendars and see when they are available and schedule meetings with automated email invites. All you have to do is to decide on a time and choose the members and hit send. The emails will soon be sent to these select few notifying them about their upcoming meeting. Doesn’t it sound like your personal assistant? You can connect with your teammates with one click and transform your meeting into a video conference from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Share your screen with your teammates and review the work as a team and make decisions on the on the spot.

Collaborate in real-time

G Suite lets you share and edit documents together in real-time. If you are an agency and you have to get on a quick call with your client regarding the new print ad, you can share the document with him/her and go over it together. You can add comments and take notes on the shared docs so you that you and your client are on the same page. You can now create powerpoint presentations with your teammates in real time and make the work process faster. Yes, you have access to docs, sheets, slides and more from your smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can review and make changes while you are on your way over to the meeting. This feature lets multiple people work at the same time, and everything is saved for you instantly and automatically.

G Suite Pricing And Solutions

Google has economic plans that can help your company grow with seamless communication. Google has two different sets of plans for companies and teams. You can try your hand with G Suite for free for 14 days and then decide if G Suite is the right fit for your company or not.


The G Suite pricing plans for companies are further broken down into Business, Basic and Enterprise. The Business plan comes with an advanced office suite and unlimited storage. You get started with this plan for $10 per user per month. You can enjoy all the different G Suite features with this plan, such as business email powered by Gmail, video and audio conference, 24/7 support and more.

The Basic plan, on the other hand, comes with a professional office suite and 30 GB storage. This plan is ideal for startups and small businesses. You can avail this plan only for $5 per user per month. This plan might not cover all the advantages of a G Suite Business plan, but it includes all the essential features, such as personalized emails, shared calendars and video and audio conference.

Apart from the Business and the Basic plan, G Suite offers its customers the Enterprise plan, while this plan is a premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities. You can get the Enterprise plan for $25 per user per month and avail all the G Suites exciting features such as integrated Gmail with compliant third-party archiving tools, enterprise-grade access control with security key enforcement, Gmail log analysis in BigQuery and more.

While the company plans are ideal for business, it can be a bit more for a smaller group of people, and this is where the G Suite’s team plan comes in. The cloud-based collaboration tools and unlimited storage along with a personalized email and the option of sharing calendars. You can get access to this plan for $10 per user per month.

G Suite Security Features

Security, the one primary concern any company will have while it is storing essential data in the cloud. But you have nothing to worry about; your details are as they are in a locker. Google itself started on the cloud and will run on the cloud. So Google as an organization understands the importance of protecting information. Google and its enterprise services run on the same structure; your company will benefit from the protections that Google built and use every day. Google’s global network along with incredibly talented professionals and Google’s aim to innovate, enables them to stay ahead in the game and undoubtedly they offer a highly secure, reliable and compliant environment.

Global leading brands such as Hp, Whirlpool, and Salesforce truest Google with their data. Google was able to achieve this by using nothing but the latest technology and a cutting-edge cloud security system. Google has gained in-depth knowledge and expertise over the years in building secure cloud infrastructure and applications at a large scale. While there are other companies out there that can make these assertions, Google’s security and privacy are experienced by its customers on an everyday basis, and they are not just behind the scenes.

Google’s top-notch data centers are the primary source of security and data protection. Google’s physical security models include safeguarding like custom electronic access cards, premature fencing, and metal detectors. The Hardware is specially designed for high-level performance. Each one of Google’s system is optimized to provide security and performance. And since Google controls the hardware stack, they have the means to address any bug or threats that might emerge quickly. Did you know that Google is the first primary cloud provider to make the perfect forward secrecy? This process of encryption of content moves amongst their servers and those of other companies.

G Suite offers admins enterprise control over system configurations and application settings. Choose to form the list of G suite editions for your company and enjoy all the very secured features.

How to set up G Suite?

Setting up G Suite is effortless and very self-explanatory. Before you get down to setting up your company’s G Suite, read about the different plans Google has to offer and see which one best fits for your organization. After you make your decision here’s how you get your personalized email, online storage, collaborative documents, audio and video meetings for your team or company.

Step 1


Start off with the 14-day free trial. Sign up for G Suite in less than 5 minutes. There are no downloads or credit card commitment in this step. If you are stuck and need help with setting up your G Suite account, Google has a dedicated team from Google ready to help you. You can choose from several support options.

Step 2


Set up your apps by following Google’s tutorials, they make it effortless to set up your business with Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Hangouts meet. Learn how to import your mail, contacts and create free email ids and setting up online storage and much more with the quick start guides.

Step 3


And just like that, you are all set to move your team to G Suite. If you are moving from IBM Notes or Microsoft Exchange, G Suite has technical and change management guides that will walk you through a step-by-process on how to plan your migration and smoothly transition your team.


If you are finding this migration process challenging or if you are stuck at a hurdle, just work with a Google partner and resolve the issue. Find an experienced IT consultant to talk you through the evaluation, purchase, and configuration of G Suite and get the best of what G Suite had to offer for the growth of your business.

Become a Partner

Use different G suite features and make your workday efficient. Google’s G suite does make it easy to decide, share and edit work with team members. Apart from using Google’s working system, you can also partner with the Google Cloud where you can save all your valuable and extensive data for an economical price and with a Google assurance of security. Google designed the Google Cloud Partner Program to enable you to sell, service, and innovate by taking advantage of Google’s platforms across the Google Cloud Suite.

Partners remain to be an essential part of the Google Cloud mission. Focused on empowering billions of people to work the way they like and build the next big thing. Google has a list of tracks the partners should choose from along with a premium and a partner tier options.

The Services Track

The services track is for the partners who want to help customers with selling, consulting, training, implementing and providing technical support for Google Cloud Products. If you do become a Service Partner with Google, you can enjoy all the different benefits Google has to offer. Read more about becoming a Google Service Partner and see if it interests you.

The Technology Track

While the title is self-explanatory, The Technology Track is for those individuals who create products that copilot and enhance or the reach of Google’s existing Cloud Products. What’s in it for you? You will be listed as Google’s partner in the directory, have access to the partner source site and demo & testing environment and more.

The Sales Track

If you are a salesman, then this one's for you. This track of for the partners who excel in marketing and selling Google Cloud products at high volume. Although this program is received for distributors and invited partners, Google also offers a G Suite referral program where the referees get a reward for anyone that signup through them.

G Suite for Education

School is where the first learning happens, and students have to often work in groups and come up with projects for respective subjects. No one sits in a library anymore and collects resources, it all happens on the computers. With Suite for Education save time and stay connected to your teammates. G Suite for Education is completely free for schools and comes with a 24/7 support at no additional cost. There will also be no ads, and your data will stay safe.

Collaborate with your group members by creating, sharing and editing files in real-time. Since everyone is on the same page and the very page gets auto-saved to the cloud, you will never lose any of the work. You can use the G suite features from any device, be it a computer, tablet, or phone. Work from anywhere and anytime you want to without any restrictions.

The G Suite Education core services consist of the tools that your entire school can use, together. Such as mail, drive, calendar, vault and more. Meet up with your teammates on hangouts and save time on commuting to meet each other in person. Along with the classic G Suite products, G Suite education has a brand new feature called the Classroom.

The G Suite Classroom is a place where you can create, share and grade assignments at your convenience. Google designed the Classrooms to help students save time and keep classes organized. The classrooms help educators set up an online classroom within minutes; they can manage and share assignments with students and guardians in one place. G Suite for Education gives the teachers and the students a choice to work from anywhere. The classroom can also be accessed with the help of other Google tools. This way teachers can send feedback in no time and their students progress. The Classroom essentially helps save time for teachers so they can spend more time on that they do best: teaching.

G Suite Support

Google’s support is here to help you 24/7. Someone from Google G Suite support team will come to your rescue when you need them, and these services come along with your paid subscription to G Suite. If you are not a G Suite administrator, you can always visit Google Help and get support for your G Suite products.

Phone Support

Google has a phone support option available for its G Suite products in 14 different languages. This support option is available only for G Suite admins, and to avail this support, you will have to log in to your admin account for verification.

Email Support

The email support is only available for the G Suite administrators. The email support is available in 14 different languages, and to have access to these services they will have to log in to their admin account for verification.

Chat Support

Get instant help with G Suite’s Chat support. This support and service are only available for G Suite administrators and to get started with chatting with the support team the admin has to login to their respective admin account for verification.

Final Words

G Suite is currently the best solution for any of the enterprise but out of all these, G Suite is not the only option, there are a lot of alternatives for g suite available in the market. You can always find answers to the frequently asked questions on G Suite’s help center. Find solutions to verifying your domain, settings, email set, setting up phone and more on G Suite Administrator Help Center.