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Flower Explosion Coupon Code 2019

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Flower Explosion Introduction

Flower Explosion is a San Diego, CA-based company that specializes in the supply of flowers. The company is committed to offering freshly cut bouquets and flowers delivered directly to you the customer from the farms. They service the entire Canada and USA region. Flower Explosion specializes in over 100 flower types all of which are grown in various associated farms in Costa Rica, Colombia, Holland, and Ecuador.

While the company has its headquarters in San Diego, their official logistics center is in Quito Ecuador. This is important as they can oversee the flower production not only to guarantee quality standards but to provide a 24/7 sourcing and expedition. Flower Explosion is committed to offering unmatched quality at affordable prices. The flowers at Flower Explosion are specially cut, customized, and individually packed according to customer specifications. Flowers are beautiful, and there are flowers for each occasion.

Why is Flower Explosion Best?

Flower Explosion is committed to maximizing your experience. That is why they incorporate the services of a robust team of customer service personnel to handle your orders, questions, and arising complaints. Their customer support department is active during normal working hours. You can either reach them through their online chat system available at their official website or call their toll free number. Their staff is adequately equipped to walk with you all the way from your order to the delivery. They will give you regular updates regarding your orders and dispatch notifications. They not only ensure that your order has arrived, but they will also call you to confirm whether you are satisfied.

Flower Explosion guarantees you high-quality products, and this begins from where the flowers are grown. Their main production center is based in Ecuador, a world-renowned destination for the best orchids and Roses. They also have growing centers in Columbia where the best lilies and hydrangeas are grown. Flower Explosion sources their tulips from Holland which guarantees you the best quality there is in the market.

While Flower Explosion operates within normal working hours, customers are free to place their orders online any day and time. In the event of an emergency, their toll-free is always available, and you will get the necessary assistance even during nonworking hours. Flower Explosion has collaborated with some of the best business partners when it comes to logistics. This guarantees you safe and timely delivery.

Products and Services

Flower Explosion specializes in different types of bulk flowers ranging from roses, orchids, sunflowers, gerberas, large calls, mini-callas, carnations, and roses. They also deal in flower arrangements for different occasions such as fundraisers, premium gift boxes, wedding kits, and wholesale designer bouquets. You can also order for bulk fillers such as hypericum, greenery, palms, and gypsophila. If you are lucky, you can also receive extra products such as flower food, rose petals, and preserved roses.


Flowers are known to have a therapeutic effect on humans. Having fresh flowers in your home can be beneficial in different ways such as, improving focus and concentration levels, aiding relaxation, improving emotional health and boosting mood, and helping you feel better fast. Flower Explosion has a wide variety of flowers to give you a soothing effect and brighten the look of your home.