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Feedify Introduction

It’s not an easy task to send emails to promote your business. The result will be less than you expected. This is a fast-moving world. Everything is on our fingertips. People usually don’t prefer reading long essays for their needs. People are getting plenty of messages every day. And everyone doesn’t look into the mailbox every time. Push messages are the latest and most effective method for promoting business online. We usually get push messages and notifications in our phones and web pages. Since they are very brief and catchy, we tend to read those push notifications. Using a push message effectively means the success of your business. Feedify is the best partner for you if you wish for the growth and success of your business. Feedify boosts up your business with excellent support. Feedify provides push notification services with better quality and high speed. The services carry with many more extra features. Currently, Feedify has 4,000+ trusted customers in the world.



The incredible features of Feedify make them different from others. Feedify provides six major services.

Push Notification Services

Push Notification Services is the primary service from Feedify. This service features personalized service. You can choose what you want to send as the notification. It’s up to you. Feedify arranged the service based on targeted and result oriented tools. Push notification is the most effective and instant way to make users updated about your brand or company. Feedify knows the mobile marketing mechanism well. They do the best for your marketing needs. And Feedify provides you the space to design on your own way.

Chrome Push Notification

Chrome Push Notifications are very relevant in re-engaging with your customers. Feedify offers you Chrome Push Notification or Browser Push notification services that keep your website visitors with you. Visitors will get the future updates of your website accurately. You will get this service in different and suitable forms. This service allows subscribers to get notifications even they are browsing other websites. The subscribers receive notifications on desktop, web, and mobile that leads them to visit your website at the right time.

Safari Push Notifications

As you know, Safari Push Notification is based on Apple exclusive technology. Safari notifications use to send the notification to the website users even in the case Safari isn’t in active mode. Just like the apps, it displays website icon and notification. Feedify focus on Safari notifications at its best. This service helps to increase the traffic of your website by sending the notification when the users/ audience are not on your website. They maintain incredible online marketing survey to work on Safari notification service.

Mobile Push Notification

Communication is the backbone of marketing. It’s indisputable that the mobile phone is the best medium for communication. Everyone uses mobile phones. People always look for the notification from many apps. The Mobile Push Notification is the latest and brilliant idea in digital marketing. That will develop your business incredibly. Feedify helps you to reach your audience with an effective way. They provide mobile push notification that will make the audience search for you.  This service is fully customized. You can choose what to send when to send, and where to send. They add essential features to make the notification more effective

Online Survey Maker

An online survey is a new marketing strategy that can be seen when you browse or watching YouTube. This is a way to reach the accessibility to a lot of online users. This is an important catalyst that increases the traffic of your website. With valid questions, you can analyze the online users, and you can develop your business accordingly.

After Sales Feedback

It’s quite essential to keep your usual customers. After purchasing something from your company he/she should revisit your website or brand. Feedify knows what is the crucial element to keep your customers and visit you again and again; Sales feedback. Sales feedback is an important service from Feedify. With Feedify’s service customers stick to your company. Their after sales feedback mechanism do what to do at the right time. With catchy and convincing feedback they attract the customers to your website/company. It includes your new updates, offers, membership benefits, and so on.

Online News Letters

This is another service provided by Feedify. Feedify makes beautiful News Letter with ready templates. You can edit the content. The newsletter attracts an audience and they tend to subscribe or visit your website.



Cloud-Based: Feedify is free from any kind of hindrance or hassle in the services. They provide cloud-based service and easy to work. So, you can understand and work properly. You can invest your creativity in the push notifications.

Powerful Tools: The best thing about Feedify is they use very effective tools. The mechanism they use is based on the customers’ behavior and taste.

Real-Time System: Speed and accuracy are inevitable parts of Feedify. They provide the report and feedback on the services on time. It helps you to modify the notification mechanism accordingly

Personalization: You don’t need to worry about the product when you work with Feedify. All services are personalized. You can add things according to your tastes. You can use inbuilt templates, Banner notifications, Action buttons, emojis, images, and URL.


Feedify offers free plans for early innovators. This plan includes 10 Campaigns, Unlimited Pageviews, Responsive, Templates, Unlimited Campaigns, Web Push Notifications, After Sale Feedback, Supports One Domain, and Email Support. The most popular plans are two; Rising Star and The Ultimate. Rising Star has 3000 push subscribers. $25 is the monthly rate for this plan. The Ultimate plan starts at $75. The long list of incredible features of these plans attracted many more entrepreneurs.



Feedify is a perfect choice for those who wish to bloom their business quickly. This fast-moving world demands the quick and effective service of Feedify. The latest push notification mechanism is best at Feedify.