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What is StartPad?

Planning plays an important role to accomplish any kind of success. Perfect planning leads to the way of success whether it will be for our daily task, or for the business. To well implement the strategies you have made for your business, you need to plan correctly. Competitive software is required to create a business plan. Here comes the great business planning software StratPad, that lifts you and your business to the next higher level. StratPad Inc. was established in the year 2014 by Alex Glassey and is centered in Victoria, BC Canada.

StratPad is a cloud-based business planning software tool for making plans, raising capital and managing growth. It is the most beneficial platform that helps both small and medium-sized businesses with strategic planning and execution and also generates the sort of data and reports that attract investors, lenders, and other partners. StratPad comes in three editions- StratPad Cloud, StratPad Connect, and StratPad College. Each edition has its own unique features.

StratPad Cloud

StratPad Cloud is an easy-to-use cloud-based business planning tool that helps in creating an integrated free business plan and also helps in boosting up your business. The basic features are:

  • Tracking your business made easier and simpler.
  • Its step by step approach is simple and practical for both startups and small businesses.
  • You can create financial projections within a few minutes.
  • This edition lets you get the data you need more easily by connecting to Intuit’s QuickBooks online.
  • If you want to get the ideas from your team members, this edition allows you to share the plan with your team members who can give the valuable inputs.

StratPad Connect

StratPad Connect edition of StratPad is yet to be released with an aim to connect businesses with the host of advisors and consultants using the StratPad platform. It will provide you with an easy way to find the help you are looking for. The main features of this edition are:

  • If you need financing for your business, this edition will match your business plan with appropriate lending institutions.
  • You can use this edition to find the professional coaches and mentors in your area.
  • With this edition, you can get connected with the right resources you are looking for, whether it will be a bookkeeper, an accountant or other professional.

StratPad College

StratPad College edition will give you the best quality tutorials to create the business plan including strategies, general business tips, workshops and in-depth tutorials. The topics covered are:

  • Small business FAQs
  • Understanding financial statements including balance sheets, income, cash flows, and other basics.
  • Financial basics like invoices account payable, and banking, etc.
  • How to begin your business planning project.
  • Stratpad College also offers several live workshops on the internet across the globe that is taught by independent trainers.

Why Choose StratPad?

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StratPad is not only about creating business plans but more than that. The best way to improve a business or even the chances to raise money is to improve how the manager thinks about their business. They need to understand the fundamentals of business including strategies and financials. That’s where StratPad comes into play.

It provides awesome teaching and insights that help you to boost your business. StratPad emphasizes the step-by-step approach that makes the task of planning for your business easier. It uses a series of questions and fill-in screens by which you can easily build an initial plan and guide you through the strategy steps and long-term goals that drive sound business goals. Apart from creating the business plan, it is also necessary that those plans must be communicated and managed well to be truly successful. That is why StratPad not only creates the business plan but also create the operational reports for the growth of the business. The charting and graphing capabilities are also intertwined into the StratPad by which you can easily measure and track the progress.

The best about StratPad is that you can share the business plans and collaborate with others. Also, the presentation tools are there for fundraising and other purposes. It also allows anytime and anywhere access via the web and iOS app.

Several Plans to choose from

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Starting with a free plan, StratPad offers two types of paid plans – Business plan and Unlimited plan.

The Business Plan

This is just for $29.99 per month and includes generating up to five plans, sharing of plans, and unlimited email support.

The Unlimited Plan

This plan is at $49.99 per month adds an unlimited number of plans to the mix.

All their plans come with a standard set of basic features which are as follows:

  • Anywhere and anytime access
  • Step by step video course
  • No software installation
  • Plan sharing at no additional cost
  • Ongoing free updates
  • Secure data protection
  • Built-in charts for result tracking
  • Online video tutorials and some other training resources
  • Ability to export, print, and email detailed reports.
  • The very best part of the StratPad subscription is that you can cancel the subscription anytime.


Final Words

StratPad is a complete business planning solution that helps to build the business plans, and increasingly, make connections with professional coaches, consultants, lenders, and other service providers. It gives you the best inputs on business strategy and financial planning. If you have a growth plan in your mind and just need software to organize that plan with useful graphics and diagrams to map out how to get there, StratPad is absolutely an excellent choice. The price is unbeatable and its free version is also an excellent value. Both the versions guide you through the process of describing the strategic goals of your company and identifying the steps to get there.