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Ellie.com Discount Code 2019

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Ellie.com Introduction

We see an uprising of women of all shapes, sizes, and nationalities in the world today, fighting stereotypes and proving they're indeed capable of many things. Ellie.com is dedicated to bringing motivation and happiness to active women that are going out and achieving their dreams through clothes. They're custom-made for various purposes – yoga, running, riding a bicycle, gym, and active life in general. Being in shape and simply glowing in fitting clothing has never been more popular, and all women should get themselves a present from Ellie!

Why is Ellie.com The Best?

You've probably seen tons of gym apparel on the Internet, and social media in particular. But what sets Ellie apart is functionality and quality rather than quantity. They're not trying to build a massive online store just for the sake of it – every of their clothing items is designed to perfection. There are plenty of patterns to choose from as well, and you'll be unique in the sea of gym goers.


Dedicated To Women

Ellie is a women-only clothing store and provides everything you need to feel comfortable, but without having to size up. The clothes are fitting, and the designs change every month, which ensures a fresh look with the same functionality. They'll send you positive affirmations and updates via a newsletter so that you can stay motivated too!

Affordable Prices And Free Shipping

You can get three items a month for a very reasonable price, and free shipping on top of that! The choice of items is, of course, completely up to you, and you can score some sweet accessories too!

A Great Cause Behind The Company

This clothing brand is delivering new clothing designs month after month, but it's more than that. They firmly believe pushing your limits, changing things up to keep you from falling into a routine is very important. Staying healthy and physically active has tremendous changes, both visible and internal, and your clothing choices improve upon those, thanks to Ellie. BodyBoss provides the worlds 1st home Gym. Grab the latest discounts using BodyBoss Coupon.



Standard gym wear for women, whether you're running on a treadmill or working out. They're available in all sizes, starting from XS for women of short stature, all the way to extra-large, to accommodate your body in the best way possible. You can choose between military camouflage patterns, classic black, and various patterns – you get to decide what you like best!

Sports Bra

The bra provides a snug fit to prevent chafing and moving around, which can prove difficult for some women while running. There are a few designs available, but they mostly come in classic, black color.


Tops are meant for colder days and winter months, to provide comfort and warmth when needed. They could be a cool fashion statement too, for wearing outside even if you're not working out!


There are two accessories available at the moment, but who's to say more won't be added in the future? For now, you can get yourself stretch straps to increase your flexibility and prevent injuries. The other option is a so-called fingerless grip glove, and its use is obviously to prevent sliding on a yoga mat or other slippery surface.


Since you're usually picking a plan for three or five items at once, that allows for a slight discount in price. In general, these prices go toe-to-toe with competition, so you won't be breaking your bank to purchase these items. The costs are usually deducted from your credit card monthly, in the form of a subscription, but you always have enough time to skip a month or cancel membership if you don't like the collection. Gorilla Wear provides gym clothes for men and women. Get a 25% discount using Gorilla Wear Coupon Code.


Companies like Ellie are immensely important to the world. Thanks to their business model, plenty of people around the world are waking up energized and ready to get into these clothes and work their butt off. Just remember how wearing clothes that have a great design and fit you well can and will affect your gym performance and confidence in general. Club Fit Wear provides the best bodybuilding, workout clothing, and fitness tanks. Get a 50% discount using Club Fit Wear Coupon.