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Elementor Introduction

Once you've started using WordPress as a backbone for the design and content of your website, it's hard to change. Since it is so convenient, and very user-friendly, even to people that barely know anything about coding, there's no reason you should. Adding a custom plugin like Elementor pro will allow you to build your website with ease, in the form of multiple clicks, text boxes, and a little creativity on your side.

Why is Elementor The Best?

It's faster than other page-builders since you don't have to change elements in the code and then see how they affect the website, everything is done on the spot, in real time. It's also open-source, which means it can be edited and perfected for your purpose by your or someone else with more technical knowledge. Finally, a plethora of already made themes and elements will make your effort a lot easier, since you can simply add a few changes and be done with it.


Create Any Type Of Website

Whether you're looking to build a landing page, a portfolio, or a website for your business that will attract and inform visitors, Elementor has got you covered. Everything is already considered and specialized for your purpose from years of experience, and you'll have an easy time modifying everything to your liking.

Pre-Made Themes And Templates

This is the feature users appreciate very much, and while WordPress does come with a few free templates, using their tools will make you realize why exactly have more than a million users. Not only will you be able to browse through a huge library of options, but they'll be designed with a niche or profession in mind, cutting your work by more than a half. You'll only have to add a few details that are specific to you, and edit pictures and information and you're ready to publish!

Complete Customization

The amount of customization and editing is completely up to you. You can either get a free template that looks great for your business and do just a bit of editing to make it different, or start from a template, and do a complete overhaul. Both options are valid, and the latter will allow for full control – adding pre-made icons, changing elements, fonts, color choices, and patterns, adding custom images and making everything the way you want it to.

Free Elements

To make your website even more functional and convenient for you, as the owner and designer, free elements are available. They come in the form of widgets for multiple things you need – changing a certain element, adding spacings, margins, columns and content itself, as well as its position in regards to another element. As we mentioned – Elementor gives you full control for free.


Free Version

This version is the one most people choose to use and rarely upgrade to Pro unless their website attracts a lot of attention or their business requires additional features for the website. There is commonly no need since you'll be able to use more than 90% of all features for free. However, that remaining 10 % will make your life way easier and potentially save you money.

Pro Version

Pro version adds a couple very handy features like editing header and footer of your website without any coding, adding content fields, 404 page, edit theme elements and add custom fonts to overhaul the front page. Additionally, you will have full access to forms like contact and login forms, as well as subscription forms and custom messages, security measures to prevent bots from spamming and many other useful features for popular websites.


The prices are very, very affordable if you decide to go Pro, and split into three payment plans depending on your need. $49 will unlock all the features and get you a year of updates and full-time support for one website of yours. By paying $99 you'll get the same for three, and $199 will allow you to use a full set of Pro features on an unlimited number of websites. Ait Themes provides the best multilingual and directory WordPress themes. Grab for the latest discount using Ait Themes Coupon.


In conclusion, a service Elementor offers is crucial and responsible for more and more beautiful and functional websites popping up. It allows users with no IT and programming knowledge to create a page exactly the way they want it. Avoiding to hire a designer can sometimes be a better option since you might not share the same vision for the website, so it might be better to do it yourself via features and services provided with this WordPress page builder. LTHEME com provides the Joomla 3.x templates and WordPress themes. Get a 25% discount using LTHEME com Discount.