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Dr.Seeds Introduction

Since marijuana was legalized and regulated by the government, more and more people are either going to official marijuana distribution center that can be quite expensive or simply trying to grow their own for personal purposes. And who could blame them? Cannabis does bring a sense of pain relief and relaxation, and does improve your mental state and helps relieve you of stress, among other benefits it possesses. But growing your own marijuana strains can seem hard for some people, and is a reason why they turn to DrSeeds for help.

Why is Dr. Seeds The Best?

The website Dr.Seeds is very comprehensive and includes a lot of popular strains that are in high demand worldwide. As such, it gives customers a chance to purchase the latest, most potent plants on the market. On top of that, it actively works to educate people, as well as move them to achieve greatness and maximum results, and a photo contest is one of those tactics that brings trust and interest in customers. Taking a picture of the plant you're growing and nurturing can lend you a reward of free additional seeds!


Basics Of Marijuana Growing

Finally, before you even start anything, you need to be sure of what you're doing. Different strains of marijuana, of course, differ in the way they grow, and requirements that have to be met for their full potential to be realized. For that reason, DrSeeds keeps a very informative blog about tips, tricks, and experience only years of growing can produce. With that, people can easily find guidance, and clear any doubts or misunderstandings they might have.


Autoflowering Seeds

These are one of the best to grow since there's no decrease in available light hours that triggers the flowering process. In other words, they're pre-determined to flower at a certain point in their growth life, with no regards whether the light is off or not. They're incredibly resilient and can grow rapidly in harsh conditions, which is why they're so popular. Auto White Widow, Auto Bubblegum, Auto Cream, and others are among the bestsellers by far.

Feminized CBD Seeds

These are part of the Indica family and are very valuable to people suffering from chronic or acute pain. CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from these commonly, along with other terpenes and ingredients, and provide almost instantaneous pain relief and relaxation throughout the body, due to a 1:1 THC and CBD ratio inside. Blueberry, super skunk, chem dog, bubba kush and afghani are always in high-demand and sell out quickly.

Live Seedlings

Seedlings come with roots and at least three adult leaves already grown, which makes it easier to just re-plant them in your backyard or wherever you're growing them, thus ensuring a high chance of success. Seeds are also very popular, and Lenno and Kryptonite are on a sale commonly and can be acquired with ease by just making an order at DrSeeds.


Luckily, the price point in the store is pretty straightforward and shared among different strains. There are essentially two – between $40 and $70, and $50 and $80. This simplifies a lot of things, and by discovering and redeeming a coupon code at checkout, the price can drop down significantly. Sales and pre-orders are also a great way to achieve financial benefits without sacrificing quality. Paradise Seeds provides the best medical cannabis seeds. Get a 15% discount using Paradise Seeds Coupon Code.


DrSeeds is an absolute gold mine for marijuana lovers and enjoyers, but also for patients that can't seem to get pain relief from conventional painkillers and medicine. In fact, that one can be quite harmful for prolonged use, while marijuana will never let you down. With us, humans, possessing an endocannabinoid system inside our bodies, it makes easy for cannabis to act quickly, and bring that feeling of peace and relaxation, all on our own terms of quality and speed of growth, instead of paying the government an arm and a leg. Sensi Seeds is one of the best providers of cannabis seed. Get a 30% discount using Sensi Seeds Discount Code.