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DMCA Introduction

If you're a YouTuber, on a fan of someone's work and ever tried to upload your favorite album or track on the service, or even your website, you've probably encountered DMCA requests. Those are coming from legitimate companies that are owners of the image, song, video, or other types of property you're not the owner of. While there are ways to avoid taking down these objects, such as explaining you're using them for research, critique or educational purchases, DMCA will in most cases consider you a thief and take the content down.

Why is DMCA Best?

It doesn't feel good when you're on the creator's end, and someone else is stealing your property and possibly making a profit on it. If it's hurtful and illegal in real life, why would stealing, and sharing files over the Internet be any different? DMCA is extremely effective in finding duplicates, stolen objects, and resources and notifying both you and the other party free of charge.


DMCA Badge

The badge is essentially a code that you can embed (place) on your website, and it will protect your content from being stolen. Once you register your website for one, there will be tools and DMCA support at your disposal to help you take down thieves and other websites almost instantly.

Stealing Content Becomes Very Hard

There are multiple anti-measures in place thanks to this service – your photos will automatically be watermarked with the logo of your company, as well as information about your company. There are other content protection tools in place as well that are going on behind the scenes, too, all available once you register.

Keep Your Originality and Save Money

If you're working so hard to produce something unique and valuable, you, of course, don't want anyone else to profit from it. In the past, you'd have to manually search and sometimes accidentally stumble upon content that's yours. That would waste both a lot of time, as well as money since you'd have to find a way to make them take the content down. With DMCA, the search process is automatic, and taking down a website is nearly instant too.


DMCA WordPress Plugin

Incredibly useful for first-time users, since you only need to follow a simple installation. Then, choose a badge that looks best to you and let the plugin do the protection part.

DMCA Basic and Pro Protection

Both options are extremely valuable if you're trying to keep your content in your hands only. The tools at your disposal will find duplicate copies, stolen content, and you can even see the information of the thief – their domain registration, country, owners, etcetera. Going Pro gives you unlimited searches, takedowns, and even these personal information lookups.

SEO Rankings

Once your website is safe, you should look into making it successful. Free SEO ranking tools this company offers via their website will give you an in-depth look of your articles, loading time, and many other valuable pieces of information you need to improve and finally come out on top.


Buying a Pro protection will only cost you $10 a month, which is such a small amount for the services DMCA provides for you. You can always try the free version to see how effective the system is – you'll be convinced to continue, without a doubt.


While many people today are used to piracy and downloading albums for free, that's about to change, thanks to DMCA. You only have to put yourself in the artists or creator's shoes, and you'll see how rude and hurtful stealing the something you worked so hard to create is. The effort this company puts in should be applauded. Sucuri provides the complete website security protection. Grab the latest discounts using Sucuri Coupon Code.