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DJI Spark Introduction

Drones are a thing of the future and have become widespread so much that even a family with a relatively low budget can afford one. That's because China and other countries have developed a way of manufacturing quality drones for a very low price, and customers are thankful. However, some things are always required and can't be compromised on, such as picture and video quality, the stability of the camera, speed, and control. DJI spark is a king among drone manufactures, and their DJI Spark is just another answer to what people want.

Why is DJI Spark The Best?

Instead of costing thousands of dollars and sporting 4K video recording and a huge distance of flight, you might want something more reasonably priced, and with a bit lower specs. After all, if you're not a professional and making money from these recordings, and would just like to be a drone enthusiast, you have to start somewhere. This model provides exactly that, a great alternative and a starting point, but with all the company is known for.

DJI Spark Features

Great Control, Very Fast

The drone is relatively light, which provides a great strength when it comes to speed. As of now, the speed is around 50 km/h due to a powerful propulsion system in place, as well as a two-kilometer range on the transmission of HD video through Wi-Fi. The flight time is rated at a maximum of around 16 minutes on one battery, but can be more or less depending on weather conditions and wind resistance. The drone is very stable, fun and worry-free to control even in strong winds.

Intelligent Flight Modes

There's nothing worse than to have no control over something high in the air, that can get damaged, but also refuse to listen to your commands. Luckily, DJI Spark features intelligent modes of flight, such as FaceAware, where it takes off and hovers after it recognizes your face, just as others in the line. But also QuickShot, that allows you to rocket the drone up in the air, fly backward, forward, upward and spiral, or even circle around you, or another target. You can also use gestures or let the drone track you on the ground.

Tap To Fly, High-Performance Camera

For people that are new to the drone work or not tech-savvy, this is a godsend. You can literally tap the screen of your smartphone, and let DJI Spark use its vision technology and fly to the place you tapped on your screen. This allows you to get a perfect shot, due to a high-quality 1080p camera that features a 2-axis mechanical gimbal which reduces shake and stabilizes the picture. The sensor is a 1/2.3inch CMOS one with 12MP of resolution, and very color-accurate.

Application And Different Shooting Modes

We've mentioned the application for your smartphone, which is your main controller, but the drone comes equipped with a very versatile picture-taking mode. You can choose to take pictures in the shape of a sphere, horizontal, vertical, or even ShallowFocus, which automatically focuses on a target you chose, but also a 180 degree panoramic shot for incredible results.


There are essentially two payment choices you have to decide between. One is just a drone plus a controller, which costs 499 EUR, and the other is 649 EUR, but it comes bundled with power cables, chargers, charging hubs, shoulder bags, additional propellers, and more. That, on top of a color choice decision, is entirely up to you and your needs.


DJI Spark is incredible for people that are on a lower budget but would still like to enjoy the benefits of owning a drone. This one is actually among the lower-priced drones in the DJI collection, but not a lot of compromises were made, and especially not on build quality, camera resolution or the design. When all is considered, it's very much an attractive model and already in high demand.