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Dhosting Introduction

In the age we live today, the online presence of a business or a brand is just as important as having physical store customers can visit and get the service or products you offer. In reality, it just might be even more important, since online shopping and the convenience that it comes with is very appealing, as well as the availability of your company worldwide with nearly a 100% uptime. However, choosing the right website hosting to ensure it performs and responds well, and one you can rely on is hard unless you choose Dhosting as your partner.

Why Is Dhosting Best?

The company has been in the business for 16 years so far and will be for years to come. This adds a lot of worth, expertise and experience in the industry, and they're willing to apply all of their knowledge to the project you have at hand. Since they understand the struggles of people, especially those that simply aren't tech-savvy or don't have time to learn coding, programming, or much about hosting, you can let them take care of everything. On top of that, the customer service is excellent, very responsive and quick when it comes to problems that will surely arise from time to time.


Free Website Migration

It won't be until you start using Dynamic Edge services that you'll understand just how much you've been missing on. And to make that transition easier, especially if you don't have the technical knowledge to pull it off, the company offers completely free assistance of a full process. Just notify them at least two weeks before your old hosting and domain expire, and they can start the evaluation process. The time it takes solely depends on the size of your website files on FTP, e-mails, MySQL databases, and afterward, thoroughly testing that all data was correctly transferred over to their hosting.

Functional With All CMS

There are absolutely no limitations or exceptions when it comes to the content and type of your website. Whether it's educational, business, e-commerce, portfolio, startup, or a very high-traffic website, it's viable for a transfer. Their technology allows WordPress, Magento, Joomla, IPBoard, and other CMS (Content Management System) based websites on working perfectly after a transfer since they'll be identical as they were. Another great thing about the company is that they're constantly on a lookout for any errors or problems, and will fix them immediately, as well as provide invaluable recommendations on speeding up and fully optimizing your website.

Domain Buying

What happens to your domain after a successful transition? Well, it's up to you to decide. If your domain doesn't expire yet, you'll be given a detailed answer on how to change authentication to their servers. If not, just register a new one via Dynamic Edge by opening a Domains page and entering the name you desire.
Never worry about limits in performance or backups
The thing that sets Dynamic Edge as the leading, and possibly the most advanced, yet very user-friendly hosting service is their scaling system. With any other hosting, you'd be required to purchase a certain amount of CPU, RAM, and storage on a shared dedicated server. Once your website reaches that, you'd be out of bandwidth and in a big problem since you'd have to rush and purchase additional space and transfer files over. With this one, it all scales based on data collected, slowly increasing and decreasing resources as needed, thus saving you money for slower months, and ensuring everything is fluent when traffic increases.

Complete Control –¬†dPanel

Finally, you want to feel in complete control of your brand's website, and that's completely understandable. But why access code, and pay for programming and web design courses or other companies to analyze your data when you can have it all through a very simple but powerful user interface – dPanel? It has all of best features that WordPress or Joomla! does, but it's even better – you can access it from almost any device, and easily track traffic, edit and modify, add or completely remove articles, page elements, change color themes, and anything you require in a pinch, from any location with an Internet access.

Services & Pricing

Before you even open your wallet and pull out your credit card, you'd like to know how much traffic does your website require. So does everyone, and in most cases, other hostings can't truly tell and offer a plethora of payment plans to try and accommodate you best. With this one, it's different, since they've put a very easy-to-use approximation of costs based on your website's engine, and level of popularity, the development of the website, and storage you're currently using to suggest an approximation of resources required.

Basic Subscription

Even if you purchase and only use their basic payment package, you'll be receiving 1GB of RAM, 1GHz of a CPU, and 50GB of an ultra-fast SSD storage. That might be all you need, depending on the type of your business, and resources you require to run on a monthly basis. You can try before you buy as well, and 14 days of a free trial is enough for you to determine this is the best fit. Even better, albeit the package is only the basic one, it's double the resources you can purchase from the competition for a price point of just $195 a year! And you still get the latest PHP support, unlimited e-mails, databases, domains, high efficiency, and constant customer support.


Auto Scaling

This feature is what truly sets Dynamic Edge apart from others, and one the customers are simply captivated with. Websites with extremely high traffic or those that experience sudden growth in popularity and visits are extremely happy with AutoScaling, since it automatically allocates more resources to your website, and you only pay additionally for exactly the number of resources you received. A maximum of scaling is about 1000GB of SSD storage, 64GB of RAM, and more than 24GHz of CPU processing power which is absolutely insane and enough to cover even the highest of demands.


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It's important to realize that Dynamic Edge is ready to face and defeat any problem, no matter how threatening and dangerous it seems due to years of being active in the business. Their infrastructure is designed to work in customers' favor, since they only pay the resources they use, and not a dollar more. On top of that, the company is ready to correct any issues with a slow loading time, the website going offline, sudden growth in visitors, potential migration and a 24/7 monitoring of your resources and a great individual strategy to take your website to a whole new level.