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DesignContest Coupon 2019

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DesignContest Introduction

DesignContest is an amazing platform for all business owners who wish to improve their business’ visual presence.

If you are looking to improve your corporate identity, or to have some new advertising materials designed, you can organize a contest using the Design Contest platform and get what you are looking quite quickly.

The company was founded in 2003, in Los Angeles, California. The past 15 years have been highly successful for the Design Contest, as it gathered over 200,000 creative minds in one place, giving them more than 10,000 contests to showcase their abilities. Use Design Contest coupon to get stunning design delivered fast and pay only if you love it.

Why is DesignContest Best?

Design Contest is the quickest way for you to get new designs you are searching for. What makes it stand out among other platforms and freelance websites are the key benefits they are offering.

The first reason for using Design Contest for your next visual project is the fact they have more than 200,000 registered and qualified professional designers. All the designers who register with Design Contest are required to undergo qualification testing before they start competing. This way, the platform owners are ensuring that you are getting the best possible service.

Before starting a contest, you can choose one of the NDAs if you worry about privacy and wish to keep your competition hidden away from the search engines. After the contest is over, and you have chosen your winning designer – they will send you the source files and sign the copyrights transfer document.

If your contest does not go as planned, and you are not satisfied with the received designs you can get your funds back. The Design Contest has a Money Back Guarantee, and you can request a refund at any point of the contest. Note that you will get a refund on all fees, but we recommend that you check their refund policy.

Once you find a designer who is a perfect match for your project, you can continue working 1-on-1 with them. Working with the designer who already knows your brand means you will be able to complete your corporate visual identity in no time.

Design Contest offers free consultations and support through live chat, email, and phone. Please note that their working hours are Monday to Friday, 2 am until 8 pm (EST) for US and European markets.


The prices depend on the project type and requests. They vary from $145, for the fan page design, to $595+ for the web page design.

After selecting a category for your contest, you can choose between 4 different pricing packages – Economy, Standard, Premium, and Custom. Do not forget that bigger budget attracts better designers. Thus, you should consider what kind of designs you would like to see before deciding to go with the lowest price.

In addition to standard packages, there is a range of Contest Upgrades:

Promoted – $79

When you choose this upgrade, your content will be promoted through the Design Contest’s social media channels, which have more than 250,000 fans.

Featured Contest – $49

Featured contest upgrade will get you on top of the contest lists, as well as on the website’s homepage. By Contest Design’s calculations, this upgrade should bring you 40% added applicants.

Highlighted – $18

With this upgrade, your contest gets extra attention in the list of contests. The contestant rate is 20% higher than usual with the Highlighted upgrade.

Blind – $49

The Blind upgrade is blocking contestants from seeing each other designs. This can make designers’ creative juices flowing, bringing you more creative ideas.

Guaranteed – Free

The Guaranteed upgrade, makes you choose a winner. If you choose this upgrade, you will not be able to receive a refund for your contest.

Private – $49

This upgrade turns on the NDA agreement feature. All designers must sign it before seeing your project details. Additionally, your project is hidden to search engines.

Add 2nd and 3rd Places Prizes – $115 Each is Least (Depending On The Package)

Adding more awards gives designers bigger chances of winning something. When there is a better chance of winning, additional people will apply.



In conclusion, DesignContest is affordable and easy to use. It covers the legalities with its NDA and Copyright Transfer features. Connecting with thousands of creative minds around the world has never been easier! By using Design Contest coupon get your money back at any time of your contest.