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Dealflicks Coupon 2019

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Dealflicks Introduction

Sometimes we just want to get out there and have some fun watching a movie as we much popcorn and sip on soda. However getting tickets to theatres can be hectic. In addition, just getting information about the movies being screened at the theatres could also be elusive. In most cases, these hurdles keep us in our houses bored or they even lock us out of the fun that would make our days worth living.

Dealflicks is here! Dealflicks is an international organization which since its inauguration has featured in CNBC, The NewYork Times, Tech Crunch, NBC, CBS, Pando Daily, Film Journal and many more. They partner directly with movie theatres to help them fill their empty seats (currently over 88% are empty on average). They negotiate with the theatres and then bring you amazing deals on tickets, popcorn, and soda. This is to make your access and stay at the theatres affordable and enjoyable.

Theatres love Dealflicks because; they don’t charge them any signup or ongoing fees to market their venue. On the other hand, many people like them because they offer the best ticket deals across the globe all day and night throughout the year.

To cater to the growing demand for theatre lovers, Dealflicks launched their beta website on July 13th, 2012, and they are expanding rapidly to accommodate as many theatre venues as possible. Dealflicks also gives their clients an opportunity to suggest to them any theatre venue that they would like to find on their platform. Currently, they have over 750 locations across the globe. They also offer gift cards and rewards to a customer who refers to them a client with some cash!

Why is Dealflicks Best?

Large Area of Operation: They have over 750 destinations that theatre lovers would be able to visit, this makes it easy for a theatre lover to choose from a large pool the kind of genre they would like to watch.

Affordable: They offer tickets to theatre halls at affordable rates which make it possible for many people to access theatre venues.

Informative: their services are really informative as in they give all the details about the venues and the movies that will be screening this makes the client be able to choose for a theatre venue from an informed perspective.

Status: it’s a world-class organization with recommendations and testimonials from world renown film centers such as CNBC, The New York Times, Tech Crunch, NBC, CBS, Pando Daily, Film Journal and many more.

Discounts: they offer discounts to clients who purchase many tickets at a go.

Agency: they play a big role as agents in that, they scout for you a theatre venue of your choice, they book and then pay for you. Your work becomes simple; walking in, picking some soda and popcorn and watching!

Payment Mode: they accept all the methods of payments.

Support Programs: they have a site that contains the frequently asked questions for the sake of clients who have some queries concerning how the whole process runs.

Social Media: they have got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google plus accounts where their customers can be able to connect with them and share their experiences or even know the latest theatres and the movies that are showing

Account: It is an interface where both new and existing customers can log in to place and make orders.

Press Center: this is where customers can press on to get the latest information or major updates of trending.

Ticketing & Cancellations: It outlines information on the policies of placing orders and circumstances under which tickets can be canceled.

Privacy Policy: It assures the customers that their personal details concerning making payments will never be shared anywhere or get access to unauthorized users.


Dealflicks is an online company that helps people purchase tickets to movie theaters, they also offer gift cards that come in form of a code that can be redeemed by you or a friend/loved one for deal bucks to purchase movie tickets and concessions. Moreover, they have a ‘refer a friend’ feature in their offers whereby when you share Deakflicks with a friend, the friends get 20% off their first purchase and you get a £5.00 Dealflick coupon.


Personally, I think Dealflicks is a great deal worth anyone’s money. To begin with, they have received accolades from world-renowned organizations and their deals are discounted. Secondly, they offer theatre lovers an opportunity to know which movie is showing where and when and therefore a theatre lover does not hop from one cinema shop to the other looking for a movie to watch but will just be able to select from the comfort of his or her couch or wherever they are. Therefore, if you have been having some difficult time locating a cinema for your favorite movie, worry no more because Dealflicks will take care of all your entertainment needs.