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DataHawk Discount 2019

Grab the latest datahawk discount and coupon code. DataHawk provides products and keywords tracking tool to run your market analysis and monitor your competition.

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DataHawk Introduction

Are you a seller on Amazon and want to increase your business? Do you want to track how your products are performing on the platform? Would you like to track how your competitors are doing? DataHawk is the answer.

Selling on Amazon does not only involve uploading your products to the website, but also tagging them with correct keywords, monitoring their performance, managing inventories, products ratings and reviews, and a lot more. More often than not, sellers are unable to manage it all and end up losing sales, especially if they are not very tech savvy.

DataHawk helps you scale your business on Amazon from one single platform in the most user-friendly and easy to understand manner. Whether you have just started or are already running a large business, DataHawk helps you scale your business and growth faster than others. Hence with DataHawk discount have a free plan with demo keywords generator and product research tool.


There are endless possibilities with what you can do using DataHawk. Check out the list of features below:

Keyword Ranking Tracker: Helps you track the changes in keyword rankings for your products daily, and in easy to understand grids and charts.

Product Metrics Tracker: This feature helps to keep a check on monthly sales estimates, number of reviews, product rating, and their bestseller rank.

Sales Estimate Tracker: Helps you track how your products are performing against competition, estimate sales of your products, your keyword rankings, ratings, and reviews.

Market Analysis Engine: You can learn and now the structure of keywords search results based on the distribution of pricing, reviews, and reality.

Keywords Search Volume: You can Know how many times a keyword was searched for on Amazon.

Keywords Research: This feature provides you keyword suggestions based on what customers are searching for on Amazon and which are the top ranking search terms.

Product Research: Use our database of over 1 million products to get over 10 thousand product ideas.

Scoring Algorithm: DataHawk’s proprietary scoring algorithm lets you discover how your products rank among the competition and how competitive your keywords are.

Excel Export: Export all the data in excel files and analyze it any various ways. You can also use any external data to enhance your analysis.

Projects and Tags System: Label your data with tags and create Projects to be able to easily monitor all your data.

Advanced Instant Filters: Multiple filters let you analyze the keyword search results by easily applying filters based on different parameters.

Parent/Child Grouping: Easily group all variants of a product together and analyze keyword ranking on the parent product level to get a better understanding of its performance.


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14 days free trial of all plans, or you can also subscribe to DataHawk’s free plan. Whether you are a new business owner or a large enterprise, we have something for everyone. And the best part? There are no commitments. You can change your plan, cancel your subscription, all by the click of a button.


DataHawk understands the importance of data to grow your business and helps you easily understand large and complex data points with ease and efficiency. By using the correct keywords for your products, you can increase their visibility not only on searches on Amazon,/ but also increase their SEO ranking and leverage the other search engines. By using DtaHawk discount choose from DataHawk’s wide range of plans to suit your business needs and watch your business grow!