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Constant Contact Promo Code 2019

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Constant Contact Introduction

E-mail is something we all use, unlike social media or other entertainment applications and services. While there is a lot of abuse, scam, and spam going on via e-mail, it is of utmost importance to keep in touch with your customers if you're a business owner, as well as keep them notified of new changes via a newsletter. But in order to have them look at the e-mail with excitement, you need Constant Contact. They will nearly automatize the process of sending e-mails to everyone, as well as make the message engaging, beautiful to look at, as well as informative.

Why is Constant Contact Best?

There is rarely any service like this one, that allows you to carry an important message across without spam, and have it delivered straight to the person you really wanted. Our minds can trick us, and with hundreds or thousands of customers, it gets really hard to stay in touch, as well as make every one of them feel worthy and understood. This service allows you to get their opinion, offer coupons and discounts, as well as have a precise track & report of the people reached. If you are looking for powerful and simple email marketing Benchmark Email is the best solution. Grab the latest offers using Benchmark Email Promo Code.


Beautiful Templates That Are Easy To Use

All the templates are available and fully customizable, so you can create appealing ones that look professional, as well as keep track of people that have opened your e-mail, and have a database of their information for an easy reply and correct reach at hand. Additionally, Constant Contact will always be working in your favor, giving you suggestions and helping you use proven tools to increase your business influence – by connecting with stores directly, so you can link the products to the e-mail directly, as well as keep track of buyer's personal information to avoid mistakes.

Ask Questions, Offer Coupons And Promotions

While this is only available in the Plus version, these tools are of immense importance if you're trying to reform some of the principles your business works in. Asking your customers directly about their opinion will not only give you information to work with but also build a direct relationship and benefit both you and them via coupons and discounts.



The first service they offer is dedicated toward people that have a personal business or looking to expand their portfolio or a blog reach by sending inviting, beautiful e-mails to customers all over the world. You'll have unlimited e-mails to send, and 1GB of files storage to store pre-made images, files, and documents you need to share over e-mail constantly.

Email Plus

Email Plus shares many of the main features of Email, but also gives you an option to add polls, promotions, send event invites and offer coupons, all in favor of increasing your business reach and influence since people will realize you truly care about their opinion. 2GB of storage and 10 Users your employees can use to work at the same time are available, as well as e-commerce-specialized templates to connect to Shopify directly and reap the benefits. HubSpot provides the best inbound marketing and sales software. Get a 25% discount using HubSpot Discount.


Both of the options are very affordable, starting at around $20 a month, all the way to $45 a month for Email Plus. Additionally, you have an option to receive the first month trial for free, so you can navigate your way around and get some experience under your belt before you start using Constant Contact features to the maximum.


We live in a world of online stores, as well as promotions via social media and video uploading services like YouTube. It is logical to start building your brand online as well as offline, and Constant Contact gives you an easy-to-use, almost automatic way to make every customer feel very special, and reply to your questions, surveys and receive special coupons. The service this company offers is irreplaceable for anyone looking to drive up their business reach. Vertical Response makes email marketing very easy. Get 20% discount on annual subscription using Vertical Response Promo Code.