CometChat Coupon 2018 | The Effective Chat Plugin To Your Site & Mobile App

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CometChat Introduction

In need of a better way to interact with the customers? Use CometChat today!

CometChat, a website chat plugin that offers much more than a chatbox, has the potential to improve visitor engagement and interaction on any website at an affordable price. Hence with CometChat coupon have most popular plan with voice, video calling & conference.

Why CometChat?

For anyone who owns a website or runs an online business portal, it is extremely important to establish good communication with their customers. This requires a good live chat software, with which the queries of the customers can be solved. This definitely boosts up the trust that the customers have in the company. Moreover, one can also see what the customers think of the website and thus work on the exposed loopholes for the betterment of their website. Thus, CometChat is the perfect tool for achieving all these goals.


Here are some great features of this plugin!

Video Conferencing

The unique feature of this plugin is the ability to communicate through virtual video conferencing with all the visitors of the site. It helps the visitors who cannot communicate effectively through chat. Other users can join in the conversation too by using a link that is displayed on the

Private Chats

The video conferencing need not always be public but can be carried out in private too. This can be done by sending out personal invites to people or adding only the necessary people in the group that one wishes to communicate with.

File Sharing

There can be collaborations of any kind between the users of the plugin too. It need not necessarily be just limited to chatting or video conferencing. There can be an exchange of various files such as photos, spreadsheets, PDF or Word documents and many other different types.

Real-Time Translation

A website is accessed by various people from all around the globe. CometChat has the ability to carry out a real-time conversion of a conversation into a various number of languages, which makes conversations easy and effective. Now, wherever the users are, they can be happily satisfied with the website facilities.

Emojis and Stickers

What makes any chat box interesting? Of course, the emojis and stickers! To ensure that your users have a complete freedom of expression, CometChat supports a vast variety of Emojis and Stickers just like various social networking sites today. This helps in connecting with the younger lot of the customers.


ComChat need not be limited only to a website. It functions on various platforms, from desktops on operating systems like Windows as well as on a Mac. It also has an application that is present in both the play stores of Android as well as iOS platforms.

Plans Offered

There are 3 different plans offered by CometChat to suit the necessities of your website.

Professional Edition

Own a small business? This is the perfect package for you! This plan provides the text chatting feature for individuals and group chats, along with the translation features and the ability to broadcast a single message to many more users in various other groups. There are also various emojis and stickers present to make the communication more effective and add a tinge of fun to the whole process.

Premium Edition

The premium edition offers installation guarantee, whiteboard support, and mobile browser compatibility along with all the features that come with the professional edition. This makes it convenient for the users since they can simultaneously communicate with both the mobile as well as desktop users. Moreover, you can also get a custom advertisement feature.

 Platinum Edition

Platinum Edition is the best with all the fun and effective features in addition to the above-mentioned features. Video, Audio and Text chats, screen sharing plugin, games and a lot more. The customers will totally love the website with such amazing and a wide range of unique and fun features. Looking to make the website an unforgettable experience for your users? Platinum edition is the one that you need to get today!


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Choosing the right chat plugin amongst such varied choices available can be a tedious job for anyone.

If what you’re looking for is a plugin for a website where user interaction is a must, and if you’re looking for feedback from your users, and if all the above necessities affect the amount of money that you make, it is important to choose a chat plugin with premium features that are worth the money you’re parting with.

According to me, CometChat does a good job and puts forth various interesting features which are extremely useful and productive. And just in case, you are not happy with the service, you always get a 30-day money back guarantee. Hence, I would definitely recommend the software as one to have and use. Therefore CometChat coupon  offers custom pricing plan with unlimited monthly active users and end-to-end encryption.