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Colin F Watson Coupon 2019

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Colin F. Watson Introduction

If you love keeping fit like me, then you must always be on the lookout of new ways to stay fit. Colin F. Watson is an American company where people are inspired and helped to stay fit. staying fit is one of the ways in which an individual can live a healthy life that is free from fatal body conditions. The company doesn’t only help you train but it also educates the men and women who participate in its programs.

Colin F. Watson who opened this company is a living testimony of what happens in the programs and the benefits are visible when you learn about his lifestyle. The company uses a very unique eating control that operates in line with the HCG Body for life.

Why is Colin F. Watson Best?

  • The program can work for men and women
  • The program is not very expensive
  • All processes are health friendly
  • Muscle training, 30 -day fat melting and cardarine products among others can be bought from the online platform and shipping takes a maximum of 14 days


HCG Body Masterly Retreat

This is more of the first stage for all people who decide to enroll themselves with the Colin F. Watson health program. In this stage, the newcomer is provided with numerous lessons and videos that will help him or her know what is good for his/her body to become fit. the lessons are well designed by HCG guru who is none other but Colin F. Watson. People are asked to take part in boot camps where they are encouraged to take part in fit for life vacations. These vacations are important as they make a person leave there feeling stronger. The vacations are for both men and women.

Some of the activities that are done in the camps include 15-minute yoga, meditation, breakthrough sessions, feeding tips and fitness instructions among others. Some of the seminars in the vacations include the SemperFit NLS and the HCG Body Rock which are supposed to ensure that you understand what happens in the HCG programs. The stage makes it easier for you to pass through the other three “phases of life”.

Phase One

This is the fat loading phase. In this fitness program, you will be required to introduced fats in your body even if it appears to be very counterintuitive. It is necessary for this stage as it helps you stock up your nerves and makes the first weeks of this training easier for you.

In this stage, you will be given the HCG hormone. In this stage, you will have the freedom of eating anything that you want. You can have bacon, ham omelets, cream cheese and sausages for breakfast. In the mid-morning, you can eat strawberries and donuts and for lunch, you could have a pork or a chicken meal which could have sour creams or baked potatoes.

Phase Two

This is the fat loss stage. This is a stage where you will lose a lot of weight. You will be required to only feed on diets that have not more than 750 calories or below 550 calories. Some people tend to lose up to one pound each day. The phase can last up to 6 weeks. The experts here will encourage and motivate you because the stage is quite tough. Once you start recording the results you will enjoy consuming the diets.

Phase Three

This is the stabilization stage. It is also referred to as the muscle building stage because this where all the transformative processes take place. This is the stage where you make your body reset and adapt to your new lifestyle.


I once attended a boot camp from Colin F. Watson and I can swear even if the second phase was quite tough, the inspiration and motivation from the trainers, made me very fit. if you also want to lose fat and develop that awesome look that will attract girls to you, Colin F. Watson is the right place for you.