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Cobalt Apps Coupon 2019

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Cobalt Apps Introduction

As a freelancer, one faces many challenges. These challenges can sometimes become a major hindrance to the growth of your career and business health. One of the key freelancing activity these days is the website designing business. With the huge growth in the technology sector and the fast pace of internet, every business is now Online. For all these online businesses, one needs a good web designer.

And Web Designers face a lot of challenges when it comes to plugins and development tools. Cobalt Apps, with an investment of more than a decade into the WordPress Development Arena, has launched itself as a premium service provider to all website designers, both professional and personal.

Why is Cobalt Apps Best?

Started by Eric Hamm, who also happens to be the lead operator and the developer of the team, Cobalt Apps started off as freelancing for website developers and later switched to WP Theme and Plugin Development. Eric’s passion to identify problems and difficulties in the website designing process and create best development tools to address them has satisfied many customers. This makes Cobalt Apps special. The way they go the other way around by first focusing on what all problems are faced by web developers and then device tools according to those.

Cobalt Apps Products And Tools

Dynamic Website Builder: This is easy to use website builder that transforms your WordPress dashboard into an attractive website without any major coding. There are custom coding and template options available too. For quick website builder purpose must plan with MotoCMS Promo Code.

Genesis Dev Kit Plugin: A Proudly called point-n-click masterpiece by Cobalt Apps, Genesis Dev Kit Plugin is a set of website design toggles and switches to give a dynamic touch to your website.

Freelance Dev Kit Plugin: This special plugin helps you and your client transform your website ideas into a lucrative website in no time.

Instant IDE Plugin: This is a standalone website designing tool which works beyond the capabilities of a WordPress programme and helps you operate the website with a powerful website design combo.

Extender Pro Plugin: Do not restrict your ideas and yourself when it comes to website designing. The Extender Pro Plugin helps to create templates, widgets, custom styles and functions for your website with a click of a mouse.

Genesis Extender Plugin: It’s an essential genesis add-on which comes with a set of website building tools and creation options.

Themer Pro Plugin: With Themer Pro Plugin, you can customize your child theme as easily as playing with a child. Within seconds, it lets you mint the right fields required for your website. To have the most affordable wordpress themes and plugins use Nobuna Coupon Code.

Freelancer Framework Plugin: This plugin helps you get your basics of coding right. This is fast, efficient and purposeful and hence ensures to provide a strong foundation for new professionals.

FE CSS Builder Plugin: Use this amazing designer tool to make real-time changes to your website and create the best one within seconds. Make unlimited changes unless you are 100% satisfied and win clients’ hearts.


If you are an aspiring web developer or a professional one, or if you are looking to take your business online, Cobalt Apps is one place for all. Their All Access package, which comes with an affordable pricing is a great solution for someone who is looking to enjoy and utilize all the tools and plugins. If you don’t want to hurt your pocket that much, they have the Freelancer Framework and the FE CSS Builder Plugin which come with free download feature.