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ClickMagick Discount 2019

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ClickMagick Introduction

Launching a website for your business is just the first step to it. What next? Is it all done? Can you sit back and relax? No. The most important task after your website is live is to keep a track of your traffic. What’s the use if you don’t even know who your customers are?

Nurtured with the aspiration to build the best click tracking and market optimization platform on the planet, Click Magick is a team of 10 dedicated individuals, working day and night to help you keep a track of your website traffic and grow your online business.

Why is ClickMagick the Best?

The founder of Click Magick, a marketing enthusiast himself, had generated over $20 million in revenue online. Now think for yourself, when such a smart brain blend with experience in the industry, along with his team will work for your website, what the results will be. The best thing about Click Magick is that it works everywhere you advertise, be it Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, Bing etc.


  • Automatic Split-Test Winner Alerts: Click Magick has a special proprietary algorithm which instantly notifies you with statistical proofs, who is the split test-winner.
  • Advanced Retargeting: Once you know who your visitors are, you can use Click Magick’ s advanced retargeting feature to increase customer exposure to all your offers all across the web, even if you do not own the website it points to.
  • Dynamic Affiliate Links: The dynamic affiliate links allow you to earn affiliate commissions. You can bypass affiliated sales pages and send your visitors to any vendor.
  • Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis: There are always two kinds of traffic on your website: one which is actually useful for you; the second which is of no use. Click Magick gives you a strong analysis of your traffic to focus on the useful ones and divert from the useless ones.
  • Content Locking: If you want to trap your customers, set up a content lock with a form or a mandatory share which makes it abiding for them to access your content.
  • 24/7 Automatic Link Uptime Monitoring: Imagine a situation wherein you are using a link to send in all your traffic but the link is not working. A huge blow to the income statement of your company. Click Magick comes with 24/7 automatic link uptime monitoring to switch from invalid links to a valid one.
  • Automatic Bot Filtering: The bad boys of the click track, the bots. They will spoil your statistics by giving you information about fake clicks. Click Magick filters all these bots and gives you accurate data.
  • GEO and Mobile Targeting: No matter which part of the world your visitor is, Click Magick dynamically sends them to different pages based on their location. It keeps the mobile clicks on different links as compared to the desktop clicks.




I am not kidding when I say Click Magick has helped me make an upgrade from a two-wheeler to a four-wheeler. When I started, I was so lost and living a false reality about the visitors and traffic. I kept wondering why I did not get results when the statistics show my advertisement work. And then, I chose Click Magick. There was no looking back post then. Their dashboard gives me so much transparency and so many analytical tools to actually comprehend what’s happening with the links, clicks and the traffic on my website. Not to forget, I managed to make some good affiliate commissions. HubSpot provides the best inbound marketing and sales software. Get a 25% discount using HubSpot Discount.