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Clear Estimates Coupon 2019

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Clear Estimates Introduction

Clear estimates are the modern world company and for the last 10 years, this company is helping remodelers and contractors to get the right estimate for the work. This company has been built by the remodelers to bring the revolution and to make the people’s work easier. The company took start as an in-house software for Orfield remodeling in Minneapolis but after some time, Nolan Orfield who is a CEO of the company realized that there should be some other way to simplify the estimate. After a decade now this company is leading in the software industry in terms of remodeling.

This company usually take parts in trade shows and in the different conference to answer the questions. Clear estimates are producing this software for the ease of the customer and it will help remodelers as well as contractors for simplifying the estimate to make the work easier.

Why Is Clear Estimates Best?

To bring the revolution in the industry it’s important to come up with something essential and simple. Nolan Orfield felt the need to simplify the projects and to complete the work in no time due to which his team collaborates and came up with the best idea in the market. It will help people in saving their money rather than buying the whole licensed software. This cloud-based system has all the features people are looking for on the internet and now it’s possible to estimate on any device which is able to open the browser.


  • It’s easy to estimate on any device which can open the browser rather than working on the specific devices.
  • The system is basically made to replace the desktop system and it’s a cloud-based system fully loaded with all the features.
  • To bring the accurate database with the estimate pricing company has done a partnership with the RemodelMAX.
  • Now people don’t have to pay for the whole license instead they can pay for the monthly subscription dues which are quite easy and convenient for everyone.
  • It’s easy to installed and downloaded in your system without any complication and without hidden terms and condition as well as pricing.
  • Clear estimates is just going to help people in simplify the work and complete the task on a faster pace.


The tool of Clear Estimates is one of the best products available in the world to make the work easier and faster. Now you can do all the things just by one device. This product is available in the market without hidden cost. Now you can prepare the professional proposal in a few minutes than the hours. Before you have to buy the product, you can start a free trial for your satisfaction.


In order to use the tool for the accurate pricing on the basis of your area and you just have to pay $59/month without doing any contract. The company is offering an advantage to all the users of paying for what they are using. They don’t have to pay for the whole license nor anyone have to sign any contract to use this software further for the specific time.


The clear estimate is taking a great step towards the technology and to make the work easier for the people all around the world. This is the easiest contracting cost software for which you have to pay monthly to use. It’s easy to use and it can actually help contractors in calculating the exact prices of the work. This is the professional software for the major projects and it’s definitely going to change the face of the technology for the rest of the field.