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Carbonite Coupon 2019

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Carbonite Introduction

The name of the company will immediately remind you of carbon – that sturdy and extremely resistant material that is still very lightweight. Carbonite‘s services use the same principle – they are a cloud backup for all your personal and business files, so they can stay safe in case of a disaster. Then, you can just re-download them if something like that happens, and both you and your customers will have a peace of mind.

Why is Carbonite Best?

While there are many cloud backup software solutions out there, and most are free, there have been reports of hacking and breaking in commonly. With Carbonite, they're focused on keeping your business and customer information secure and constantly updated, but protected against data breach and system failure. Additionally, the systems are always online, and they allow backups on a large scale, like a whole data center for your company. is the best cloud server backup service. Grab the latest discount using Coupon.


Cloud Backup Of Important Files

The best thing about cloud back up is not only the peace of mind in case something happens. It's also that knowledge that you don't have to do much yourself – the files are automatically uploaded and kept secure as soon as you add them, so your memory or stress won't get in the way of keeping an up-to-date database. The system has a near 100% uptime.

Case Studies As A Proof

Since they're working with many large companies, they're constantly both following and conducting case studies of latest break-ins, a ransomware that is on the rise, social engineering, and many malicious techniques hackers use to get to your data. This means they'll always be performing the latest steps in order to keep the protection at 100%, for both their and customers' sake. Additionally, their experts will help you put a great endpoint protection system in place, since with hundreds of employees, an opening is bound to happen, and hackers will jump at the opportunity and seize it.


Carbonite Backup Software: There is only one product they offer, and it's a software that can be installed onto your computer. It works in two ways – both protecting your system on-site, in the office or a room you keep it, against offline attacks. But also, as a cloud storage we already mentioned, so in case anything happens physically, the data can be accessed and regained on another computer.


With knowledge of many cloud storage software like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google's Cloud Storage and many other, and them having a free option that of course has some limitation, it's hard to make the price too high. And luckily, Carbonite understands that, so you will only have to pay around $6 a month to have a full set of features, including active support. Western Digital provides the best solution for storing data. Grab the latest discounts using Western Digital Coupon Code.


We live in an age of the fast Internet, social engineering where you unwillingly and unknowingly let someone in. Malware and ransomware are a big problem too since hackers are getting cleverer. There is also an electrical and mechanical failure that can happen, and since we trust our computers to take care of everything and keep large amounts of data, it can mean an end for your company. Luckily, with a cloud storage system like Carbonite in place, you'll have nothing to worry about anymore. If you want unlimited cloud storage and online backup Livedrive is the best solution for you. Grab the latest discounts using Livedrive Coupon.