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Brie Host Coupon 2019

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Brie Host Introduction

Looking for a way to host your own VPS? Brie Host is the perfect solution!

Brie Host offers dedicated VPS Hosting methods as well as domain names for affordable prices and is touted to be one of the best options available out in the market. By using Brie Host Coupon can have popular KVM VPS plan and install any OS including windows.

Why Brie Host?

Brie Host enables the user to store and manage their data bank on large data centers through online servers. These servers help in the management of online data. Thus the user can easily maintain the information online from any place, any time.

Moreover, it is also capable of offering any desired amount of storage space. It also features dedicated IP, 24/7 customer support, security to data, maintenance of machines and infrastructure, professional technical team support, control panel, firewall and SSH access.

Due to all these features, Brie Host is a step forward than its other counterparts In the market.


Brie Host offers three different types of services to its users:


It enables the Users to operate within the jailed environment and the ability to do whatever they please to do. It enables the users to access VPS through SSH and helps them move past the limitations that come with shared hosting.


If you are an advanced developer and you are in need of hardware-level virtualization, KVM VPS is all you need. IT helps the user to get full control of their system and operate using multiple operating systems, including Windows.

Dedicated Hosting

If you are the boss of your company and need a server to carry out the work in a smooth process, get the Dedicated Hosting Pack, which is the most efficient way to get the best deal on a server with the recommendation of a Brie Host certified specialist. Moreover, Brie Host also guarantees the following features with all the above three packs:

High Performance

The users will be entitled to the state of art technology, be it hardware or software. They will make the best of their money due to the high functional features that this platform boosts of.

Enhanced Security

The users are guaranteed to be working in secure and protected environments. Brie Host has good protection features such as functional data center firewalls and security measures like RAID 10.


The users can monitor their usage through features such as SolusVM and Virtualizor Panels. Moreover, they also have the ability to enable customizable plans to choose a plan suiting their needs.

Great Support

The user never needs to face another hassle due to the presence of Brie Host professionals on their site all around the clock. Drop them a line and they will be extremely happy to guide you to the service that you need.


Brie Host offers its services at prices that vary from one scheme to the other. I feel they are affordable for the services that this website offers.

briehost-pricingOpenVZ VPS is priced at $4.49 per month, KVM VPS is priced at $11.99 per month whereas Dedicated Hosting comes with a slightly hefty tag of $29.99 per month. However, the price is worth every penny. Along with this, if the user needs access to a domain name, Brie Host offers the user the ability to search 196 Top Level Domains at a bare minimum of just $11.11 per year.

Moreover, the company also offers the offer of the full refund of the amount within the first 30 days if the customer is not satisfied with the services of the company.

This is a great way to enable the users to test and experiment with the platform’s features.


Brie Host is a total hit and I would recommend all of you to definitely give it a try. One of its highlights apart from the features it offers extremely simplified User Interface that makes navigation on the website with great experience. Therefore Brie Host Coupon offers dedicated hosting solution with 8GB to 72GB of ram and 1TB to 4TB bandwidth @ 100mbps.

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