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BisectHosting Promo Code 2019

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BisectHosting Introduction

Server hosting is what drives most businesses today. There are so many companies in the market today providing server hosting services. They all claim to give the best to their clients but the difference lies in who exactly walks the talk. Bisect hosting stands out as one of the best server hosting companies that understand the business and keeps their every word. We are experienced in server hosting. Our support is quick and reliable and the beauty of it all is that our prices will not leave your wallet hanging.  Whether you are new to server hosting or you are an expert our staff will ensure our services leave you satisfied.

What Makes BisectHosting Big?

There is no better feeling than paying for a service or product and getting exactly what you expected or even more. At Bisect Hosting what you see is what you get. There are no exaggerations or empty talk. Our powerful hardware and experienced support team enable us to run our mine craft server efficiently alongside server hosting.


Make That Call

We offer 24/7 support, it does not matter in which time zone you are a representative is available to take care of your needs it only takes one phone call. The response time is less than 20 minutes. You don't need to be frustrated by non-responsive support teams.

We Don’t Like Crowds

Each node is monitored round the clock to ensure that you do not bear the burden of poor performance resulting from an oversold node that will lead to overcrowding.

The Game Goes On And On

At Bisect hosting free modpack installation is all yours for free. All you have to do is get a premium package. You will enjoy whatever modpack you want to play installed on your server absolutely free of charge.

Speed is Everything

Solid State Drives help hasten world loading. Who wants slow loading? Bisect hosting knows the answer, no one wants slow world loading, in fact, it is one of the most annoying things for most people. That is why Bisect hosting on their premium package give you the required speed.

Making It Simpler

A dedicated IP comes with the premium server; this ensures that you do not need to enter extra port numbers after your IP. Port 25565 is pre-installed.

You Are Protected

Rest easy and let us protect you with our DDOS protection. We know what getting attacked can do to your server that is why we stand on guard to protect you from any harm and yes we do it for free.

More Support For You

And if you want to run a custom JAR Bisect hosting offers you complete support since all our servers can fully support JARS.

You Do Not Need to Write

Bisect hosting offers you free sub-domains once you are on our premium server customer’s list. We are in the digital era, save the trees by cutting down on the writing. There is a better way to do it. Ask Bisect hosting they will tell you how.

Access Files without a Hassle

Your plugin and server files should be easily accessed. Reach them with your favorite FTP client and make management simple.

Be in Control

The availability of a feature-rich control panel that comes with all of the Minecraft servers offered by Bisect hosting gives you the power to be in control. That is what is most important. For power without control is nothing.

We Are Close to You

Bisect host premium servers have 6 different locations around the globe. You can choose the closest to you and get the best latency from it.

We Got Your Back

Our daily backups of your entire server folder are consistent, we keep the files for you to ensure you do not lose your plugins and plug-in confs.

Free Database

We also offer a free MySQL database for free with all packages. You cannot afford to miss this amazing offer from Bisect hosting.

Bisect Hosting Products

Our products range from web hosting, game servers, voice servers, VPS/dedicated servers and Minecraft.  They are delivered by experienced ready to help support team.

Game Servers

You are able to run your favorite game on your server with great control. The control panel gives you the freedom to make whatever settings you choose. And with our DDOS protection and 24/7 support, nothing will surely go wrong.

Web Hosting

Our daily backups are a sure way of keeping your data safe should anything go wrong all you have to do is restore your files and you are good to go. And should you need to edit your files, the full ATP feature on the control panel is all you need to manage your website? It is that easy. And we do not stop here: our DDOS protection is on all our web hosting plans.

Voice Servers

For communication, Bisect hosting has the team speak 3 servers; it is a reliable and easy way of communicating online. Bisect hosting as with all their other services offers a 24/7 support on the voice server.

VPS Packaging

Bisect hosting gives you the freedom to choose and run the server you choose. If you want to run a mine craft server, a voice server or host a website the VPS server gives you the freedom to do it. The daily back up guarantees your security and reliability. In addition, the virtualizer control panel allows you to manage your server.


Your server should be fast, reliable and most importantly protected from attacks. A hosting company that puts all the three into practice is worth your hard earned cash. Bisect hosting has all these vital factors at heart in addition to great customer support from the experienced staff that runs non-stop. The need for speed is their concern too. Take advantage of their free offers as you enjoy hosting that is different from the rest.