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Better Ketchup Promo Code 2019

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Better Ketchup Introduction

A vegan lifestyle is a very lifestyle. Due to our hectic and fast-paced lifestyles, lack of physical activities and on top of everything the use of hormones and artificial methods for cattle breeding our health and wellbeing are at a huge risk if we do not realize the importance and nutritional significance of including vegetables in our diets. Better Ketchup presents a new, exciting and tasty way of including vegetables in our diet and that is in the form of delicious condiments!

As a mother, Marifer Vergara observed that her children were always reluctant when it came to eating vegetables and hated to have them in their meals. However when it came to condiments especially ketchup, both her children seemed to enjoy having it a lot. As a result of this observation, she thought of a way to include vegetables in her children’s diet and contacted a professional chef Gina Eckstadt in this regard. Through 15 years of Gina’s experience as a chef and Marifer’s amazing idea, they worked together and created better ketchup. It soon became children’s favorite treat without even them realizing that it has those vegetables hidden in it which they hated otherwise.

Why is Better Ketchup The Best?

Better ketchup is a great replacement to the ordinary ketchup and condiments as it has ingredients that are a hundred percent organic and come from natural sources. It has a great taste that the children enjoy while getting all the nutritional benefits that are required for their healthy growth and development. It has fifty percent less harmful sugar and calories as compared to the regular condiments and is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, their condiments are free of gluten and are vegan-friendly so that everyone can enjoy them. Hence it is a great source of necessary nutrients while being delicious at the same time.


Better ketchup comprises of natural and organic vegetables that come from organic farms in the State of Washington. The main ingredients of better ketchup are freshly picked tomatoes, rich in vitamin C butternut squash, fiber-containing sweet potatoes, beta-carotene source carrots and immune boosting beets. To add a little sweetness rather than using processed sugar which is artificial and is extremely harmful to the body, they make use of maple syrup which a much healthier and natural replacement and is filled with antioxidants and can protect us from a variety of diseases and disorders. The only inorganic ingredient in their recipe is the spices. The rest of the recipe is purely organic, and the product has been certified to be eighty-five percent organic.


Better ketchup can be used in a variety of different ways other than a plain condiment. It can also be used to make more sauces, pasta bases and even as a margination for lots of healthy recipes. Better ketchup is a healthier alternative to the regular ketchup which does more harm than good to our bodies and is a great way of feeding kids vegetables as well.