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AWPCP Discount 2019

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AWPCP Introduction

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP) is the #1 WordPress plugin solution for putting classifieds on your site, fast and easy.  Its free and you can get started without spending a nickel from your pocket. Its very easy to install with the flexible features to categorize your ads, set up payment and allow free image uploads. Its very well support with a strong forum of trusted clients across the globe that accounts for its high rating in the market. This plugin comes with excellent features and ability to upgrade via the premium module.

The plugin is more versatile because the site looks the way you designed and want not the way plugin templates want. This plugin allows managing multiple ads on your sites without compromising on the look and feel of the site. That means your site still maintains the brand and design identity in the viewers and visitors eyes without creating clutter.



The ad features allow the ad search by location, username or keyword. Adsense ads could be displayed with HTML ads fully controlled. Limit the text size of ad posting along with the automatic expiration of ads and access to image loading on ads space. It also gives access to configurable ad display for AdSense placement.


This allows the posters about the expiration of the ads. Allows the admin about new ads to be posted. Classified ad users can contact the posters without exposing the identity of the posters.


This feature allows the paid or free ad on the site by supporting the PayPal and checkouts for payment option. The google checkout is available for paid ads. You can get image loading features more with paid service. Multiple fees scales are available for posting ads that allow your ads to stay longer.

Ad Posting Controls

Allows the admin to manage the ads and images prior to posting. The users can edit/delete their own ads but the admins can edit/delete all the ads from the system.


This controls the size such as width and length of the images posted. It either allows the image to be posted or complete shout off procedure is followed. Allows you to approve the image before being posted. There are much options with paid services than free services at a minimal charge.

Premium Module

If you end up buying the premium module you will access to much more features such as secure payment options through google checkouts, more access to image upload and control over ads. You can get rid of all the links available at the bottom of the AWPCP pages.




I would recommend this service to everyone who is looking out for the simple and reliable plugin for WordPress. This plugin is free of cost for people who want to try out the services. If you are looking out for more features switch to paid services. For more details, you may contact the support team to get your negotiable services in your budget. You get to control and track all the ads posted with the easy notification features. The payment features are also flexible with Paypal and Google Checkout option. Unlimited image uploads and auto-correction feature for text and images are there for paid service users. If you want your content to kick in then get this plugin.