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AvaHost Coupon 2019

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AvaHost Introduction

Avahost is a company that has been operating for more than 14 years, offering one of the best web hosting services in the market. At first, they focused on the U.S. public and then, in 2002, expand to the European continent by opening their brand to customers in languages other than English. They provide the most cost effective web hosting service as well as the best solutions to the most recurring problems. From personal websites to small to medium sized online businesses, you can count on a prompt response and quality service.

Why is AvaHost The Best?

  • Because they offer the best web hosting packages you can find in the market. From standard hosting to shared hosting, VPS, cloud VPS servers, domain registration, creation, website promotion, etc.
  • The most competitive prices you can find in their services and fully accessible.
  • The most popular package is the standard hosting, from where customers have access and complete control of their hosting account through their own CPanel administrator, with which they can easily build their website.
  • To always offer a better service, you are given the option of lodging within professional data centers located in major cities such as Charlotte (USA) or London (England).
  • Each data center works with the best equipment available, Enterprise class servers (Supermicro, Dell) and Cisco network equipment.
  • They have special offers that include the domain name free for one year to the customer who registers on their website and requests a web hosting service.
  • With a promotion code that you can see on their website, you have access to a 25% discount on their VPS cloud server service.


The web hosting service is the most requested as it is the simplest to manage as well as accessible. In this service, you can host many web pages on computers with remote servers connected to the Internet. Each hosting has its own space in the partition or section of the server and is kept separate from other user accounts that may be on the remote server. this service supports the best technologies in the market. Our customers can choose which of the available cities they want to host their website. Depending on the location of the visitors to your website, is that they can have quick and easy access to your domain.

Among the most important aspects of this service is that they offer 24/7 support, free domain name, free SSL certificates, 60-day warranty and 99% effectiveness of it. You can choose between 4 packages that are: Small: 10GB HHD, Standard: 50GB HDD, Business and Premium with unlimited disk space. The VPS hosting service is ideal for those who need more power and flexibility than a shared hosting account can offer. But they are also looking for a low-cost alternative on a dedicated server for this task.

All VPS accounts include access in administrator mode with total control over your hosting system. This way you can install the custom programs you need and set up the network service you like. They offer a variety of VPS hosting plans to meet even the highest demands. They all run under the Linux operating system and are maintained by our experienced team of Linux administrators. You have to choose between 4 packages: VPS1 (20GB HHD), VPS2 (40GB HDD), VPS3 (60GB HDD), and VPS4 (80GB HDD). Temok providing the best web hosting and domain registration. Get a 50% discount using


If you need a fast and high-quality service, don't hesitate to try theirs, offered with the confidence of their years of experience in the area. Likewise, you will be surprised by their extraordinary offers and great variety in what they have to offer. Webinarjam provides the best powerful webinar hosting software. Get a 33% discount using Webinarjam Discount.