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Articoolo Introduction

Creating content whenever you are writing can be a very frustrating business. This is whether you are an expert SEO writer, journalist, blogger, or a student. Coming up with ideas, generating content and funding related information can take a lot of time and might also cost a lot of money.

On realizing the challenges that writers go through, Articoolo came up with innovations that will keep writers off frustrations and unrealistic expenses. Articoolo is an organization made up of mathematicians, computer scientists, content writers and marketing experts whose desire is to invent the future of content creation. They have developed a technological software that is aimed to ease the struggles that people go through when they are seeking content for their pieces of work. The system also makes the process of writing cost efficient and much more pleasant.

Using natural language processing and artificial intelligence methodologies, Articoolo developed an algorithm that imitates the human mind’s way of thinking when writing textual content and enables real automated content from the scratch. Articoolo’s technology creates unique, proofread, high-quality content from the scratch, simulating a real human writer. Your role as a writer is simply choosing the topic and the length you would want it to extend to then articoolo’s system will create your textual content. Writing has never been any easy than this.

Why is Articoolo Best?

Eases Work: with Articoolo’s software, your role as a writer is to look for topics then sit and relax as the system works for you.

Quality: it produces quality written materials that are already proofread and therefore you will not labor reading through them again.

Cheap: Articoolo’s software is cheap in a sense that, any researcher will not be required to go to the field to collect the content required for your article. The only thing you will look for is the topic. Moreover, it saves time; the time that would have been wasted looking for content could as well be used on doing other things.

No duplications and Plagiarisms: As a writer, you will be sure that your content is completely original and there are no duplications. You don’t have to worry about content rights anymore, because there is no possibility of plagiarizing.

Accurate and Legible: The content created by Articoolo is both accurate and articulate. It is a quick, coherent starting point for your articles. This will earn you reputation to whoever reads your work be it your teacher, fans, or even your own colleagues.

Easily Accessible: You no longer have to wait for someone on the other side of the world to write, proofread and send the content to you. With Articoolo, you can have your textual content ready within minutes at the click of the button.


Social Media: Artcoolo has a Facebook page where a customer can get a connection. Customers queries can be answered here, and a customer can seek services at the same time.

Privacy Policy: It assures the customers that their personal details concerning making payments will never be shared anywhere or get access to unauthorized users.

Account: It is an interface where both new and existing customers can log in to place and make orders.


Articoolo is an organization made up of mathematicians, computer scientists, content writers and marketing experts whose desire is to invent the future of content creation. They have developed a technological software that helps writers at all levels in creating articles, rewriting articles, generating titles, summarizing an article, finding new images, finding new quotes, among others. The company endeavors to offer quality products but not to make profits at the expense of their customers. Contentmart provides a marketplace to hire expert & talented content writers. Grab the latest discounts using mobicip coupon. 


Although Articoolo as an organization has some weaknesses like for example their social media platform is just limited to Facebook, they offer the most unique solution to the challenges related to writing. While this has been a problem for many people across the divide globally, with Articoolo this problem is considered a thing of the past. If you have been shying away from writing because you were afraid of developing content, Fear no more because Articoolo is here with us. Let us go write! Hire quality writers to write articles and other content for your website. Grab the latest discounts using hire writers coupon.