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AquaSoft Coupon 2019

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Aquasoft Introduction

Aquasoft brings you the software that will enhance your presentations, video, and photographs with customized built-in templates. The software is a revolution in the industry with all the features loaded in a package to enhance your skills and communicate the message thoroughly. It is built to suit the windows operating system. You get the freedom to work in various stages and divide your task into projects so that its easy for you to pick up from where you left. This software helps to add music, editing photos, videos, combining message and communication for presentation and compiling as per the user requirement automatically. Now you don't have to waste your time searching the templates and theme as this software is the solution.

Why is Aquasoft Best?

The software saves your time and money and enhances your presentation skills with all the loaded features it has. It gives you control on all the keyframes with sound/music, video, transition in various levels that is helpful when editing the presentation. Live preview is available for you when you are making changes to your presentations or editing your photos to track all the changes.

You get 360-degree rotation access to convert your presentation with various transition effects and degrees. You get easy audio sync feature that's as easy as peeling a banana. All the above basic features are already loaded with easy user interface qualities that make this software more acceptable by customers than the complicated ones.


  • Video editing: Cut, transition and edit videos, pictures and sound into the timeline directly.
  • Time-lapse and slow motion movie: create the slow-motion movie with this feature
  • Particle system with snow rain and dust.
  • Control the flow of your presentation automatically.
  • Comes with built-in effects.
  • 360 degree rotated camera pan.
  • Share your travel plans with animated scenarios.
  • Share your presentations and video with social media and DVD export.


There are 3 categories under products:

Aquasoft Slideshow

  • Create your memory tour with photos, videos music for your family and friends
  • Slideshow extension packages are available to enhance your slideshow with new features like doodle, animations.
  • Slideshow easy for people who just want their slideshow in a few simple steps and get customized templates.
  • Slideshow Rc comes with remote control access with your iPhone.
  • Slideshow Youtube will make your presentation, videos to better fit the scale and features for youtube.


Aquasoft stages come with thrilling animation and video editing features to surprise your clients and friends.


  • Photo album for all your photos and images that you can edit and pair up making the college with various effects and transitions.
  • Photo calendar
  • Screenshot


If you are the person related to the marketing and promotions industry then you can save your time by investing in this product. Even if you are not a professional and are interested in creating your memories and presenting it to friends in a thrilling manner that you should give it a try. The software comes with trial versions as well so you can actually create the account and see the features before buying.

Don't wait too long to create the best presentation and grab the opportunity for promotion. After all, Aquasoft is there to edit all your photos, videos, and presentation with the customized communications.