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Answerbase Coupon 2019

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Answerbase Introduction

Answerbase is a Q&A software integrated on websites to provide visitors with a community panel where they can ask and answer questions. It is a special tool with added benefits to offer both convenience and benefits to the users and to the company.

The software is easy to set up and manage. Lumin Creative built and manages the platform. The company worked with many Q&A communities in a lot of popular websites on the Internet. They offer various platforms to different sites of different levels. They are working with a team of professionals and engineers with the skills, knowledge, and experience in Q&A solutions.

Answerbase offers a 30-day free trial. The company is now powering Q&A for websites like Adobe, Pingora Consulting, Sagicor, Angie’s List, General Mills, Dartmouth, eCornell, and Thomson Reuters.

Why Choose Answerbase?

Answerbase gives you several benefits in using their Q&A software. First, it gives you a product knowledge base. It gathers and organizes content into a searchable knowledge base. Your audience can find the answers to their questions easily.

Second, it can increase your sales, conversions, and customer retention. With the platform, you can put your desired call to action and lead your audience to more activities on your website. It is also attractive to both potential and current customers. Third, it naturally generates valuable leads. Your audience has the ability to engage with your company and send an inquiry, so all you have to do is to effectively promote.

Fourth, it increases your traffic in search marketing. Fifth, it enhances your remarketing reach. You can implement remarketing of the same questions and answers of your current audience to visitors lead to your site. Sixth, it enhances your support and marketing content. Seventh, it saves you time and resources in customer service. Questions and answers are on the platform, so you only have to answer the questions once thus saving you more time.

Eighth, it improves your support and service quality. Ninth, it identifies your brand as a thought leader. Your brand becomes a source of authority and expertise. Tenth, it delivers valued insights into the business. Eleventh, it identifies performance and assesses subject matter expert. Twelfth, it establishes engagement and community. Lastly, it allows you to focus on your business.


Q&A Platform

When you use a Q&A Platform on your website, you allow your visitors to effectively and easily ask questions and receive answers. Answerbase makes it easier for you to manage your Q&A Platform with administration tools available. Each Q&A Platform supports tools such as the Widgets & Widget Builders, Customizable Responsive Design, and Community Q&A Capabilities. With the Widgets and Widget Builders, you allow your users to easily and quickly ask and receive questions within your web pages.

Answerbase offers a responsive design that lets you integrate it with your website. You can facilitate all interaction in any device they use. You can also allow users to take part in answering the questions so that you can tap the most knowledgeable sources in getting the best answers. There is also the Single Sign-On, Login, and Registration that allows seamless login and registration of your users. You can also use the social media for sign-ins. Answerbase offers a suite of developer APIs, that enables you to customize your solutions based on your needs. You can also find tools that allow you to moderate and manage all contents.

Answerbase also has Insights and Analytics to give you valuable information on the trending topics or current contents. You can also manage all user accounts and profiles. There are also the capabilities of categorization and tagging that let you classify your contents.


Answerbase gives you an excellent solution for marketing and customer reach. With its user-friendly platform, your website can increase its audience reach and improve its conversion rate. You can also enjoy added compatibility tools to expand your system manager.