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AMZ Blast Coupon Code 2019

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AMZ Blast Introduction

AMZ Blast was founded in 2016 with the goal of proving the best of knowledge and services to Amazon Entrepreneurs. It is an Amazon FBA eCommerce tool that allows Amazon sellers to research on products and help them find the best potential product to start selling with.

The paid subscription plans are for 1year and include all the services differentiated according to the time duration of Product Research. If you are looking forward to becoming Amazon Seller, you can use these services as they provide you complete guidance in the video training modules, and also you get to know about how to use these tools also they provide you a team of experienced mentors which will act as a guide whenever you need help. Hence with AMZ Blast Coupon code Grab the latest deal.

What Do AMZ Blast Provide?

They are providing services for marketplace sellers for choosing and listing their products an amazon. This allows filtering Amazon’s entire database by category, price, sales and more to find potential products you can invest upon. Also, one can easily track the competitor’s activity over time and know how to beat and go ahead of them.

Product Research

AMZ Blast has a database of almost all Amazon India products that they provide to their customers. This data helps them to find the best potential product and gives an idea of where to invest while starting.

  1. Product Research Tool
  2. Product Tracking
  3. Chrome Extension
  4. Keyword Research Tool

Video Training

This is something unique AMZ Blast is providing when compared to any other player of the same segment.  The video training is in both English and Hindi so it makes understanding easy for the new sellers so as to know it all about the process.


Another distinctive feature they provide is mentorship. They impart Mentorship support to subscribers which no other international player is giving till now.

Additional Tools

There is a set of tools that include:

  1. Margin Calculator
  2. Product Description Editor
  3. Search Pickup and Delivery
  4. Super URL

Why is AMZ Blast better?

Accurate Data – Generally what everyone is doing to track products on Amazon is using 999 tricks. That is whenever a product is added to the buyer’s cart then by increasing its quantity to 999 one gets to know whether the product is having order limitation or how much is its total stock left with the seller. In case of order limitation, it’s impossible to track the stock and everyone gives the limitation number as total stock but in the second case the sales are monitored for several days and then an average is calculated. AMZ Blast’s tool Product Tracking has bypassed both these amazon limitations.

Let’s see both the cases

Case -1 (Order Limitation)

When the product has order limitation i.e. a particular buyer can only purchase a fixed number of pieces then the total stock can’t be tracked by 999 tricks. Similarly, Jungle Scout is also showing that this product is having an inventory of just 4 whereas when the same product was tracked using AMZ Blast’s Product Tracking then the results were extremely different.

Case – 2 (More than 999 stock)

When any product has more than 999 pieces in stock then also it cannot be tracked by using 999 tricks. Then the sales and stock of such product can also be monitored by using AMZ Blast’s Product Tracking whereas, jungle scout reveals its total inventory to be just 999.

Updated Data – They update the data every 72hours which results in revised figures for data. Likewise, if we see a particular ASIN [B01LWYDEQ7] then we get different results in jungle scout as well as AMZ Blast. The estimated monthly sales have a huge difference that is 3330 from jungle scout whereas the same product tracked via AMZ Blast resulted in 28835 monthly sales.

Video Training – They provide complete video-based training to the sellers.

Mentor Support – Also they provide mentorship to a user which is helpful for the users.


AMZ Blast Pricing Coupon Code


AMZ Blast is a powerful and effective program as compared to other players of this segment. Currently, they are providing data from Amazon India. They make online business a lot more successful. It is possible to scale up the business by profitable strategies offered by them. It’s valuable regardless of whether you’re a skilled Amazon vendor or perhaps if you are very new to this business or its simply for everyone who will be marketing via Amazon will be benefitted once subscribing to the membership. With the AMZ Blast coupon code have a take-off plan with training videos, product tracking, additional tools, etc.