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Alamy Coupon Code 2019

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Alamy Review

Alamy is a stock image platform with a huge image collection and contributors from over 173 countries. So, you can only imagine the kind of collection Alamy has in store for you. If you are a creative agency or an independent company that is looking to put together an appealing creative, with Alamy’s collection of 125 million images, vectors, and videos, you are in for a brilliant looking output.

Not only Alamy provides you with excellent images, it is also super easy to use. The process of downloading an image from Alamy is hassle free, you don't have to subscribe, nor have credits and you don’t even have to register. All you have to do is to select your preferred image, pay, and download.

Alamy has sources spread across the world, the stock image expert has tie-ups with 600 photo agencies that are spread over 170 different countries. Along with all the brilliant services Alamy has to offer, the company takes special pride in its customer service. They have one of the best customer service team with image buying experts that can help you with via e-mail, phone to live chat. Now, isn’t this the stock image platform of your dreams?

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Finding and Selling Photographs on Alamy

With over 120 million images, Alamy is the hub for stock images. Alamy’s extensive connections with photo agencies across the globes gives it the diverse advantage. So, let's say you are putting together a presentation on different culture across the world, you will be able to easily find all your visual references on Alamy.

On the other hand, Alamy is also ideal for contributors. Alamy promises a higher percentage than any of its competitors. Alamy also does not interfere in photo uploads, it doesn't edit or change the picture in any form, it respects the artist behind the shot and gives him/her the freedom to present the image as they wish.

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Finding and Selling Vectors on Alamy

While pictures make the best of visual references, vectors give your visual an artsy and a quirky touch. And yes, Alamy has a unique and a large vector collection. Choose from the hundreds of vectors and create a template for all your creatives with ease. Almay also makes it easy for you to sell your vectors.

Alamy offers you a better deal than other agency and with its large customer base, you are in for some serious profits. Alamy gives you a 50/50 deal whereas others in the industry only offer about 30 percent. With its dedicated teams spread across the world, it makes the uploading process easy.

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Finding and Selling Videos on Alamy

The range of Stock videos on Alamy is super large and extensive. Alamy has about 538,424 clips and is constantly adding more. Almay also represents some of the top premium agencies around the world and it has a range of videos in different categories, such as food, travel, slow-motion videos, time-lapse videos, lifestyle, retro, archival, animations and etc.

One can choose from Alamy’s hi-res or rough cut videos. With its fair and economical deals, you can buy all your videos and photographs/images in one transaction.

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Alamy Offers and Coupon Codes

The best stock imagery site Alamy comes with top discount offers every season. They have some lifetime discount and some promotional coupons. Below are the current running offers.

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Alamy is the perfect place for all your stock image needs. Alamy has an extensive collection of pictures from various genres. Alma adds about 100,000 new images a day. If you are a photographer then you are in luck because Alamy gives a higher percentage compared to its competitors. If you are building a website or creating a simple social media post for your business, Alamy is your go-to place.