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10Web Coupon 2019

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10Web Introduction

10Web is the only all-in-one platform offering premium solutions for creating and maintaining your WordPress website. With specific plans appealing to both large-scale businesses and personal use, 10Web’s innovative tools will help you host, build, launch and then optimize and maintain your WordPress websites with industry-leading standards that users have come to expect from 10Web. 10Web is offering new users a lifetime 65% discount on any subscription plan. This coupon is a perfect way for both beginners and experienced users to start benefiting from the complete 10Web package.

Why Choose 10Web For Your WordPress Website?

10Web is your ultimate all-in-one WordPress platform. 10Web provides you with 10 components providing an A to Z complete solution for all your WordPress site needs. The 10 components you’ll receive with any one of 10Web’s multiple subscription plans, will take care of every necessary element that goes into creating and maintaining a WordPress website. 10Web takes care of your website every step of the way, from state of the art Cloud Hosting, so you can provide your website with the reliable host it deserves, site builder powered by 10web’s own premium widgets and Elementor, lightweight and optimized themes, over 60 premium WordPress plugins, and the list goes on.

10Web’s Subscription Plans

10Web provides its full 10 component solution to all subscribers regardless of which subscription plan you go with. Each higher level of subscription provides you with the functionality to host and connect more sites to the intuitive all-in-one 10Web dashboard, and more SSD storage area for you to use. 10Web’s complete WordPress solution includes:

Cloud Hosting

Powered by Google Cloud and with multiple data centers across the world, 10Web’s hosting solution makes sure that your website is as fast and secure as it gets. One click migration allows you to switch from your old hosting service to 10Web’s with a single click. By choosing 10Web as your host, your website will utilize Nginx FastCGI caching which will massively improve your website’s load time. The 10Web cloud hosting solution includes many more features that will help you rest easy knowing your website’s equipped with the latest hosting features and utilities.

Site Builder

Using Elementor’s functionality — the most popular site builder, taken to the next level by 10Web’s custom-made premium widgets, creating websites has never been this easy, nor this fast. It only takes you a few clicks to have your website completely built ground up and fully functional. Not even a single line of code is necessary.


10Web’s 6 designer-made themes combine elegance, functionality, and accessibility, so you can effortlessly kit out your website with the exact theme that suits your needs, without affecting your website’s performance.

Premium Plugins

Regardless of what you want to use your website for, you need to equip it with the necessary plugins, to have your website function to your needs. Plugins offer a level of customizability and functionality that only WordPress can provide. By subscribing to 10Web, you’ll receive more than 60 premium plugins, allowing you to customize your website’s functionality to match your exact requirements.

Backup Solution

Using 10Web’s components means you’ll have a state of the art website in no time. After putting in all the effort to have your website up and running, 10Web takes the responsibility in making sure that your data is never lost due to any unforeseen accidents. Features such as differential backup, scheduled backups, one click restores, cloud storage, and many others mean that your data is completely safe under our care.


Backing up your files can only take you so far if your website’s front gates are open to all sorts of malicious attacks. The high-class security package 10Web offers will keep your website safe from all threats. You get unlimited scans for your website, to expose and fix any vulnerabilities that your site might have, you can scan to find out if any of your files have changed compared to their original and then restore the original files if need be, and so much more.

Website Speed

After you’ve set everything up, through your 10Web dashboard you can use the 10Web performance service to analyze your website’s speed and receive a detailed report on all the problems that are affecting your website’s load speed. You can also very easily use 10Web’s image optimization service, to compress all of your high-resolution images, so they load faster without a single drop to their quality. Making sure your website loads as fast as it possibly can is one of the essential steps that you need to take for your website.


Gone are the days of hiring external SEO consultants when 10Web’s SEO service can take care of all that for you. It offers you fully detailed search analytics, technical analysis, a search console page, so you’re informed of any SEO related errors that require fixing, it also provides your site with redirects so that your users never come across any 404 errors while browsing through your site.


What’s the use of all these features if ultimately you don’t see who’s coming in and out of your website. 10Web provides that too, using Google Analytics to show detailed reports of everything related to your website’s traffic. 10Web’s analytics plugin provides your site with full analytics reports, custom dimensions, goal management, and e-commerce tracking.

10Web Care

Throughout the entire process of setting up your 10Web hosted site and the process of maintaining your site, you can rest assured that 10Web’s professional customer care has got your back, whenever and for whatever reason. They will deal with your questions with patience, efficiency, and the high standards that you can expect from all of 10Web’s services.

How To Get Started With Our Special Coupon?

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How Does 10Web Work?

Now that you’ve applied your coupon and successfully subscribed to our service, you will be redirected to your very own 10Web dashboard. From your dashboard, you need to click on “add website” and follow the prompts from there. The process is pretty simple, as you’ll find that the interface will guide you through all the following steps. After you fill in all the necessary information and click the “install” button, you’ll find that your website is already live. Those are the initial basic steps that you can take to have your very own website with 10Web. Now comes the stage where you can use 10Web’s 10-component complete platform to fully customize and equip your site with the best features that it deserves. You’ll find that when you click “Manage,” you’ll have all our services on the left side of your screen. At this point, it’s only a matter of going through each service and enabling/activating them. First, you need to pick a theme for your site; you can pick any of the premium 10Web themes from the list and click “Activate,” now you can click on “Customize” to change things as you see fit for your site.

To utilize 10Web’s enhanced new site builder, all you have to do is click on the “Plugins” button on the left side of your website management menu, then add both the “10Web Builder” from the “10Web” list of plugins and “Elementor” from the WordPress Repository and you’re set to go. Similarly, you can make use of the rest of the 60+ premium plugins to customize and add functionalities to your website as it suits your needs. Now that your website has taken its shape and you’ve added some additional functionalities to it, it’s time to enable the rest of the 10Web services, to make sure your website’s maintenance is done correctly. Starting with 10Web’s backup service. It doesn’t get any simpler than this, simply click on the “Backups” button on the left side of your website management menu, then “Enable Now” and you’re good to go. At this point, you can click on “Scheduling” to enable it and adjust the frequency of which you’d like your website to automatically back up its data. Alternatively, the “Backup Now” button is always there if you prefer to manually backup your data. Next up, enabling the image optimizer. Again, simply click on the “Image Optimizer” button and click “Enable Now”. From the following page, depending on the type of images that you have on your site or your posts, you need to choose which optimization mode you’d prefer and then you can either manually optimize the images yourself, or turn on the switch that allows the optimizer to automatically optimize your images when you upload them.

To enable 10Web’s SEO service for your site, you need to go through one additional step apart from enabling it, but it’s still as simple as it can get. First, click on the “SEO” button from the website management menu on your dashboard, you can click on any button from the drop-down menu to bring up the “Enable Now” button and then click it. At this point, you need to click on “Authenticate” from the page that follows you need to click on “Get Google Authorization Code.” You’ll find the code in your email where you need to open it and click on “Allow.” Then simply copy the resulting code back into the previous page and click “Authenticate,” and you’re done. Now all the necessary SEO data, mistakes, and solutions will appear on your dashboard, you’ll also see the “Metabox” whenever you try to add a post to your website, you can add all your SEO friendly titles, excerpts and keywords in these boxes, to make your website easier to locate through search engines.

Your next service is security. Just click on “Security” from the website management menu and then click on “Enable Now.” Then at any time, you can simply click on “Run Scan” on the right side of your screen, to have the service check for any security issues with your website. You can view any resulting vulnerabilities and possible issues by clicking on the “Vulnerabilities” tab. Now that you’ve set everything up, you probably want to know how your website is performing and whether or not there are things that still need optimizing. To see all this, simply click on the “Performance” button in the menu, then click “Enable Now.” On the right side of your screen, you can click on “Check Performance” to have the performance tool analyze and report back in full detail everything that affects your website’s speed and how to fix them.


Now you have a fully equipped and functional website on your hands. As a final reminder, at any point that you find yourself having trouble with a certain feature, or you need help resolving an issue quickly, all you have to do is click on the “Chat” button on the bottom right side of your dashboard and our professional customer care team will respond to any issues within minutes.