WP Rocket Review | The Best Caching Plugin For WordPress

Read the latest WP Rocket Review; I tried to cover the detailed information about what WP Rocket does as the company, why is it best, its features, pricing plans, and dashboard screenshots of the plugin facilities.

What Is WP Rocket?

WordPress is by far one of the most popular content management systems in use today and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The reason it's reached this fame is not only full control of every element of the website but also easy customization. Changing fonts, sizes, colors, and properties has never been more convenient – you usually only have to click on it, instead of scrolling through the code. WP Rocket is a WordPress plugin that is dedicated to bringing blazing fast loading speeds while keeping your design beautiful and functional, so nothing is lost in the process. It helps users to work on WordPress in a simple and smarter way. WP Rocket saves your time with its simple and easy-to-use plugins. Since the page caching is immediately activated once you turn on WP Rocket. It reduces complexities and makes the work comfortable. WP Rocket was founded in 2013, within a few years, they have reached the top of the caching plugins available in the market. WP Rocket is well appreciated and rated as the best caching plugin by experts since 2015. Currently, WP Rocket has 71,000+ customers, and 524,000+ websites are optimized with the support of WP Rocket and the numbers are increasing day by day. WP Rocket’s full-time active team of 9 Rocketeers can give you best service & support.

Why Is WP Rocket Best?

Reading the testimonials, which are verified and real, is enough to convince you to give the plugin a try. Not only are the prices very affordable, but the customer service and help you'll get from the creators is invaluable. To further prove those claims, they had world-famous plugin creators and companies leave their own honest opinion. If you need further proof, even though there's no reason you should, just ask any of the 71,000 happy customers that have had the pleasant experience, and the number is steadily growing.

WP Rocket Features

WP Rocket gives you the best service in the world of Caching plugin with its exclusive features. The features save your time, energy, and money. Here are the features that make WP Rocket best

Quick Setup, Requires No Coding Knowledge

That's the thing most people find attractive on WordPress websites that use WP Rocket – it's easy to install in just a few clicks, and even when it is, most key features are enabled by default, so you don't have to waste time on tweaking and searching through menus. Since all of the things behind the scenes are extremely user-friendly and require you to click on an element to get a small window to open up, anyone can develop and make changes!

Caching Techniques That Work Flawlessly

Since the company has a lot of experience under their belt, they know exactly what your website needs to shine brightly in the eyes of a crawler – a program developed by Google to collect and create entries about your website. For example, page caching, instead of generating the content for the user every time, allows a pre-determined HTML file to be loaded to achieve blazing loading speeds.

Additionally, you'll have browser caching, which remembers static elements on your website, and since they don't change from page to page, they won't be loaded again, thus improving the speed. A lot of other features are available to you as soon as you get WP Rocket for your website – various content compression, optimization of Google Fonts, cutting down on your database size as well as the size of your JavaScript, CSS and HTML files.

SEO & Preloading

In order to get the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there are tests you can do either before or after your website is live and available to the Google crawlers. There are still things WP Rocket can help you with – like doing their own cache and sitemap preloading. This means a crawler of their own will access your website, and that simulated visit actually helps with indexing and recognizing your website to other bots, and improving the state in the process. Sitemap Preloading simply does an indexing of your sitemap, thus keeping the cache up to date.

Cross-Platform Functionality

It's obvious that not all of your visitors will be using a computer to browse your content. And since smartphones have an inferior processing power, content can take a longer time to load. For those reasons, Mobile Detection feature is available through WP Rocket, which allows users to switch to a mobile-mode version of your website, specifically accustomed to faster loading speeds on handheld devices by having JavaScripts be loaded at the end, or even having your website use a Lazyload feature. It's especially valuable for those on limited data plans, since the page loads as user scrolls, and saving data while delivering exactly what they want to read or see.

Multilingual & Developer-Friendly

Whether it's a blog you're updating constantly or an eCommerce business you want to lead, the company behind this WordPress plugin won't let you down. Selling your products or reaching an international audience has never been easier, and in case you're not fluent in English but still want to reap the benefits of WP Rocket – the whole plugin can be translated to your language. Additionally, even if you stop using their services, the features of the plugin you implemented will stay, and the code can be edited by any developer you hire since it contains comments and clearly explains the purpose of lines in the code.

WP Rocket Dashboard

After you install WP Rocket plugin in your website, you will be able to access the dashboard. You can start all the activities and customization you want here (Below are the actual images of the dashboard).

Cache Settings


File Optimization







The industry-leading techniques for your WordPress website optimization come with a cost, unfortunately. However, you should be happy, since the value of the service far outweighs the price! To add to that, there are no subscription and hidden fees – you'll only have to pay once for a full set of features and get to keep the improvements even if you stop using WP Rocket. They have three licenses you can purchase from:


As you'll quickly see, all three plans come with a full set of features, since WP Rockets wants to maximize your website's potential. This plan will cost you $39, and give you one year of full customer support, as well as constant updates. The only limitation – you can use the plugin on one WordPress website only.


$99 in a one-time charge will once again earn you all the features of the Single plan – one year of updates and support, but you'll get to use WP rocket on three of your own websites, which is perfect if you're an owner of multiple businesses.


The most expensive option, yet still extremely affordable and even considered cheap, since you'll get to use WP Rocket on an unlimited number of websites! One year of support and updates might not be much, but spending $199 once a year for all the benefits this license and the addon itself bring to the table will hardly lighten your wallet.

(Note: all websites included within this type will be under the same license. So if the company is not planning on supporting all of the websites they build then they need to become a reseller to sell an individual license to their customers)



In the end, the influence of the WP Rocket is subtle, going on behind-the-scenes, but evident on the websites we visit daily if you know where to look. Even though you cannot be absolutely sure unless they mentioned it – just keep an eye on a few basic things. If the website seems to load in seconds or even fraction of the second, and all the data ready to be viewed and read – they're using this magnificent addon. And if their website can do that – so can yours.

Let me share the real-time experience with WP Rocket. Below are the screenshots of our own website speed before and after installing WP Rocket. There is a huge performance increase on the website. Overall website speed has increased in that led us to buy the infinite version of the plugin.

Before Installing WP Rocket


After Installing WP Rocket