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We have covered most of the things about Tailor Brands in our detailed review, and now if you have decided to subscribe for it, just hold on. We have come up with another Exclusive Coupon for the most amazing logo designing tool – Tailor Brands. Before we go further into the exclusive coupon, I would like to give you a brief about the brand, pricing, and products or services Tailor Brands offers in case you missed it in the review.

Tailor Brands is the best logo designing tool available in the market. You can create a logo just in 5 minutes with the help of advanced machine learning technology they use to serve you the best results. Tailor Brands has a lot of supportive and related tools along with the logo maker. They have a content management tool that helps you automate your social media and gives you the relief from making it a part of your daily routine. Just schedule and automate your posts for a week and then forget about it, just analyze the behavior of your campaigns and see how your audience engage with your campaigns. Tailor Brands offers an entire branding kit, custom made seasonal logos, presentation designing and the unique product for your business deck. You can do a lot of things at a single point. Tailor Brands is a one-stop solution for your loge designing and branding needs.

Deals and Offers

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Total Offers 4
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Tailor Brands Pricing

Let us talk about Tailor Brands pricing and what are the features and benefits you get.

Tailor Brands has two plans, one of them Dynamic Logo Plan, it is to buy or download the logo you created on the platform. You get High-Resolution Logo, Commercial Logos along with some of the products like Landing Pages Creation, Seasonal Logos, Unlimited Backups, Brand Analytics, and Brand Development Tool.

Another plan is a Premium Plan which offers full-fledged products and services access to Tailor Brands. Along with what you get in the Dynamic Logo Plan, you get Business stationery, Social Media Designs, Online Brand Guidelines, Branded Business Deck, Facebook Ads, Weekly Planner, and a lot more tool to make your daily work better and easier.

Dynamic Logo Plan is priced at $2.99 a month for an annual subscription and If you want to opt on month to month basis, you will be charged $9.99 for a single time, Premium Plan goes for $10.99 a month if you subscribe for entire year and if you want to subscribe just for one month, you will have to pay $49.99.

If you are planning to use tailor brands for more than a month, I would suggest that you go for an entire year subscription rather than a monthly subscription. You can save more than $500 (almost 80%) if you opt for an annual subscription to the Premium Plan. I have an Exclusive Coupon Code “happy15” which will give you more than 80% discount on the premium plan if you use it at the check-out.

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