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Swiftic Introduction

Swiftic gives you a platform where you can create your own business app. Use the ready-made codes and modify the codes according to your needs. Whether you own a small shop or a big shop, your customers are the important part of your business. Swiftic gives you all the tools you need to create your app and create loyalty programs to keep your customers connected with a loyalty app as unique as your business.

Swiftic Features

Loyalty Cards –  You can turn one-time buyers into loyal customers by giving them reward for their purchases and make them buy again and again.

Your Mobile Store – Create your own mobile app and make it available for 24×7 even when you are on break. The mobile app gives you all the option you can have on the web version, making better shopping experience.

Push Notifications – Send push notifications from your app to the phone holders who had downloaded your app directly from computer to immediately grab your customers' attention. Push offers and deals to your customers.

Deliveries – Satisfy your customers' cravings by letting them order their favorite food at the tap of a button — from wherever they happen to be.

In-App Coupons – Create and distribute extra motivation to buy on your website by in-app coupons and discount codes.

Scratch Cards – Create scratch cards for your customers and make it fun for them to stop by your app and shop more and win exciting prizes.

Swiftic Pricing



Swiftic is one of the best platforms where you can create your own mobile app. They have a perfect solution for small to medium business owners who don't want to invest more money into development and rather invest their money in the business. Swiftic offers ready-made codes so that you can start building your app along with lot more features already on the platform. The company also offers to hire a professional for your app and they will do all the work for you. Give it a try once because this is the most inexpensive way to save money from your business.