Low Budget Startup Branding, Strategies & Methods

The business world is growing in breakneck speed. Plenty of startups are trying hard to get into the track. Some flourishes and some losing the way. It’s not easy to grow a startup. You need to overcome a lot of hindrances and obstacles. But, everything has a solution. Honestly, there are a lot of ways to brand your startup. Firstly, you need to focus on the problems because problem-solving leads to a better way. Yes, I’m sure it sounds cliché. But, that’s the starting point of every successful journey.

Common Problems & Barriers


Budget is the crucial fundamental stone for business, especially for a startup. Many startups have fallen in the history with the lack or misuse of the budget. The young generation of entrepreneurs is dreaming of a better business world. It’s not easy to grow in a world where a lot of business giants are already strong. Budget matters at this juncture. Many entrepreneurs can’t invest a tremendous amount of money in startup marketing. But, can we always say that money is the power of business. The answer is NO. The world is open and connected more than we imagine. And this new world order provides plenty of possibilities to market our startup with a low budget sometimes even without spending a single penny.

Marketing Methods

Most of the time startups fall due to the lack of proper branding. Branding is essential for a startup. It’s wrong that the marketing entirely depends upon the money we invest in that. There are a lot of ways to fit your startup with a small budget. You need to recognize the new marketing strategies to develop your business. Sometimes we stick one marketing method. There are plenty of marketing methods around you. You need to identify and use them effectively.

Planning & Strategies

Every startup demands proper planning and strategy. If you lack this, your business will go to different directions, and you will be stuck in unknown ways. The planning about budget and marketing is significant. If you spend a whole lot of money on branding itself it will be a huge loss. Same problems arouse when you focus on a particular area of your business. Each area of your startup is important equally. The money you're investing in your startup is precious. So, you can't spoil it with the lack of an effective plan and strategy.

Now, let’s look at how we can overcome the problems and grow the startup productively. Yes, effective marketing can solve many of your problems in your startup growth. Here, I suggest some of the effective startup marketing methods that are very effective and cheap.

Low Budget Branding Methods

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most powerful medium you can find in the world. If you want to quick your development, you need to use social media effectively. Social media marketing is best for two reasons. The first reason is, there is no marketing strategy better than social media marketing. And the other is it’s completely free of cost. With tricky plans, you can easily brand your startup through various platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and so on. You will get a high result through this strategy of marketing. And, social media branding is the best way to increase the reach of your startup. In other words, your brand is going to be ‘everywhere'. Above all, no need to take a single penny from your pocket.

Custom Stickers

Have you noticed custom stickers and labels of brands on various day-to-day equipment? We always see the brand when we engage with those things. You may find brand stickers on coffee mugs, t-shirts, and various other places. The particular brand sticks to our mind. Do you think that demands a high budget? Trust me, you also can do it for your brand with a low budget. There are a lot of platforms which help you to make the stickers with low cost. Many brands became popular with the sticker application.  You can apply it to many places.

Content Modification

It doesn't matter whatever your startup, you need a live website. It's common knowledge and I'm sure everyone knows that. So, I don't wish to spend words on that. Content is very relevant. The visibility of your startup does not only depend on social networking sites but how you engage with the content on your website or social media. Everyone search things online. As a result, many brands focus on online traffic. To make your startup popular, you need the best content for your website. You need to use content correctly. There are many ways to get good contents. If you choose the most appropriate keywords that will be great. You can modify old contents with the latest trend in the language also.

Startup Videos & GIFs

Everyone has a phone with a high-resolution camera. Now think, do you need a digital camera to shoot something? NO. There are featured movies completely shot by a mobile camera. Everyone watches short videos. Now it can be spread through Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp status. And it quickly goes viral. You can make videos with your own creativity. And, it's not necessary to be a video shot by the camera. You can make animated videos too. These are highly effective, and there several platforms to help you with cheap rate. GIFs also quite important nowadays. Social media is pregnant with GIFs. You can make gifs for your startup and make them trend. For sure, you have apps to create GIFs freely

These are some of the four ways to develop your startup with low cost and efficiency. There are several other ways also. Above all, you need to be curious about the current trends. The changes happen quickly. The taste of the users also varies day by day. Watch how the world moves before you, and plan accordingly. Tomorrow is yours.