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QuickStart offers premium online IT technical and development training courses. The company has nearly 30 years of IT Training and has won Microsoft Gold Learning Partner. The company uses AI-based IT learning platform. QuickStart has trained more than 250,000 individuals, more than 300 experts, and 20,000 plus hours of learning material on the platform.

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.Net for Beginners

This course teaches you basics of .net space and .net coding using C#. A comprehensive introduction to the language on the major aspects of .net development including the Visual Studio Environment, data connection, the C# language and winform and web forms projects. You will get to know about creating .net projects and make yourself ready for advanced learning techniques and procedures.

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AngularJS For Beginners

This is a crash course for AngularJS with the purpose at those who already have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but have less experience of AngularJS. The course is of 3 hours of content and over 50 lectures. Get to know about frameworks and the basic concepts of AngularJS & its main features. You will get functional examples of your learning so that you can put them to practical use.

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Bootstrap 3 Responsive Design Fundamentals

Learn how to use Bootstrap to quickly build the website. The course provides all the needed links and resources to work along with the course. The course shows you the create and utilize Twitter Bootstrap to effectively make great websites. Get to know about the fundamentals of building blocks of Bootstrap.

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Certified Associate in Project Management

This course covers all the functions and features of the Certified Associate in Project Management. You will learn will learn the basics of project management and professional responsibility. As well as about the different areas of project management of integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, procurement, and stakeholder.

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Creating Dynamic PowerPoint Presentations

This course teaches you the basic fundamentals of PowerPoints. You will learn how to create dynamic presentations for idea presentation, business pitch deck, business projects, and any other topic.

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