Best Way To Look Out For The Top Marketing Trends

2018 is almost over and at this point, the key people in a majority, if not all companies are scrambling and trying to find out trends for 2019. After all, if you want to be ahead of the game, you need to start as early as possible. By starting early, this means finalizing marketing plans before the year ends.

Let us start with the latest Marketing Trends to look out in 2019.

Marketing Trends 2019

That being said, what do you think are the trends to watch out for this 2019? Based on the industry knowledge and expertise, below mentioned tricks and trends would work a lot better. Everyone who is looking to change their marketing strategies should read this article.

It’s All About Trust And Not Just Ads

According to a 2015 Nielsen Global study, ads are the least trusted source of consumers when it comes to buying products. Consumers are more likely to believe the reviews from people they know and those that were written on social media channels than watch that one-minute video you posted on YouTube.

Up until this day, that is true. Believe it or not, many users prefer skipping ads than actually watching them.

Still, this doesn’t mean ads should be eradicated. The key here is to make ads that are both relevant and valuable to consumers. Venture into content marketing and tap relevant and believable influencers to be able to deliver valuable content to your target market. Tickle their emotions instead of just filling the screen with your brand. This will slowly give them a change of heart and eventually shift to your brand.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Video

Apparently, one of the most and still dominant medium in marketing is video. This is evidenced by the rising number of YouTubers and millions of stories shared on Instagram and SnapChat every month.

What is the significance of the video anyway?

Video offers a more personalized experience, regardless of generation, compared to other modes of marketing. It is also more versatile and easily relatable because it goes beyond what a thousand pictures could offer. More importantly, people are, by nature, visual learners. This will make it easier for companies to send their message to people without actually rubbing in their faces to buy their products.

Print Isn’t Dead

A lot of companies around the globe are going digital and saying that print is dead. After all, newspapers, magazines, and even books can be read online, and all you need to do is to download the app and pay for a fee.

This 2019, it won’t hurt if you go old-school and be different among the rest. Don’t be afraid to resurrect print marketing like offering flyers that is equivalent to discount when presented and coupons shoppers can use when purchasing your product. Business cards are still relevant because you’ll never know who you will meet. Not to worry about the design because there are tons of business card design ideas you can find online.

Start Focusing On Generation Z

Move over, millennials. Generation Z is coming, and marketers have a new baby to worry about, especially if you want to make it big in the market. At this point, Generation Z is slowly starting to enter the workforce. This means they now have their own money they could spend – the fact that you could take advantage of.

How can you target them? Two words: social media. Social media users around the globe are at 2.3 billion and will most likely hit the three billion mark by 2020. Generation Z is growing up surrounded by technology, so make sure to consider that.

In fact, use social media to your advantage by coming up with marketing strategies such as pop-up stores and organizing events that will encourage the younger generation to come and share in their social media accounts. That’s free marketing too, don’t you think?

Say Yes To Influencers

Bloggers and vloggers are taking the social media by storm. Compared to celebrities, influencers are ordinary, regular people you could pass by on the streets yet still come out believable. This is because influencers talk about a product or service they actually tried and give off an impression that what they are talking about playing a significant role in their lives. This will make it easier for people to believe in your product or service since someone famous does not engineer it.

The best part is they don’t charge that much compared to celebrities. Some even do free services merely because they love the product, but don’t count on that too much.

Go For Live Streaming

Surely, you want to show people the finished product and not the process behind it. After all, who wants to see raw, unedited photos, and boo-boos that happened in between takes, right?

Not anymore. People expect a little bit of honesty from companies. They want to see a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes and how you were able to arrive at something presentable. They want to see how products are produced or what’s happening before an actual event.

This is where the live stream comes in. It gives existing and potential customers an idea of what’s happening behind the scenes and at the same time, offers a call-to-action. Take this opportunity to ask questions, answer some concerns, and share the future plans of the company. In case you are having an event, make sure you stream it live as well.

2019 may be a few months away, but if you want to give your company an edge, then you need to start right now. Good luck.