Jungle Scout – The Best Amazon Product Research Tool – How To Use The Product?

– The Best Amazon Product Research Tool!

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As I have explained a lot in my  Jungle Scout Review previously, let us talk about how Jungle Scout Web App and Chrome Extension work in real time.

Jungle Scout Web App

Jungle Scout is used by more than 90,000 users around the world. Jungle Scout web app allows users to find the best selling products on Amazon. Get everything from product data to profits of those products in a fraction of the time. The web app powers you up with Amazon's product catalog. Easily differential between profitable and top selling products. You don't have to spend your entire time on finding the products. As well as using the difficult matrix to choose products to sell on Amazon. Click the buttons, filter out your requirements and you are good to go.

How Does Jungle Scout Web App Work?


Web App allows you to make smarter decisions and help you get ahead of your competition while you launch your business, before and after. You can easily organize, track and sift through product sale data for hundreds of Amazon products. Launching and scaling your online business just got simpler and easier than any other time.

Jungle Scout has the largest Amazon product database just st your fingertips. Filter out the products based on your interest or search under criteria which is more important to you as a seller. Filter them like, demand, sales, reviews and many more options. It helps you reduce the chances of making mistakes or taking more accurate decisions.

As Vijay discussed earlier, so we would not be giving the details of the Web App. It has three main features which give you the biggest Amazon Product Database, Product Track, and Niche Hunter. Let us talk about them in a brief:

  1. Product Database: Jungle Scout has the biggest product database in the industry. You can get more than thousands of products' data in a just single click.
  2. Product Tracker: You can set the products in your account and Jungle Scout will automatically track those products and provide you with the insight about ranks, pricing, inventory, etc.
  3. Niche Hunter: Choose your niche and select products which are making the most money. If you have started your business and if you are looking to grow or divert your business, Niche Hunter is the perfect tool you were looking for.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Check any product in real time with Product Fact-Checker from Jungle Scout. Install the extension and enjoy the searching. Chrome gives you the most accurate data on Amazon Products. Chrome Extension comes with two options; Lite and Pro. Amazon product research has become easier and accurate with Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. Data is continuously updated and monitored by experts at Jungle Scout. Proprietary data modules are continuously monitored and refined which makes the data more accurate than any other tools in the market. Jungle Scout supports several marketplaces including, USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, India, France, Italy, & Germany.

Supercharge your research with Jungle Scout Chrome Extensions by quickly pointing out the niches and products which has highest demands and low competition in the marketplace.

How Does Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Work?

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pro

Jungle Scout Pro Extension comes with the below-mentioned features:

  1. Monthly Sales & Revenue
  2. Industry Leading Accuracy
  3. Rating & Review Tracking
  4. Category & Seller Ranking
  5. Ongoing Support & Updates
  6. Web App Advanced Integration
  7. Sales Item Profit Calculator
  8. Dimension & Weight of Items
  9. FBA Fee Estimator
  10. Opportunity Score

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Lite

Jungle Scout Lite Extension comes with the below-mentioned features:

  1. Monthly Sales & Revenue
  2. Industry Leading Accuracy
  3. Rating & Review Tracking
  4. Category & Seller Ranking
  5. Ongoing Support & Updates

Using Web App & Chrome Extension Together

If you want to get the maximum from Jungle Scout, use both the tools; web app and chrome extension. It gives the user a huge amount of power to find, analyze and select the best and the most profitable products on Amazon.

Start your research in the web app first. Scan hundreds of products and niches within a few seconds. Find out the opportunities which are worth investing and getting the most out of your invested money. Now take your results in chrome extension and hop onto Amazon to get detailed results like profits, FBA fees, Shipping Charges, Competition, etc.

Now, based on your results from the chrome extension, add those products to the web app's product tracker just with the click and start monitoring the product. Look for the data over a period of time, analyze, and validate your assumptions. Finish your product research based on the result you got in the web app and chrome extension and start selling the product to make more money. Jungle Scout comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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