Impraise, Where Co-Workers Can Continuously Give Feedback to Each Other


Impraise, a startup that aims to replace the tedious annual performance appraisal with continuous feedback among co-workers. “This way, performance check-ins can happen more frequently and provide more actionable analytics to users and HR. 360 degree feedback and leadership development reviews can also be set up more frequently to ensure faster learning and development. The tool includes an extensive analytics platform to analyze key strengths and predict talent gaps and coaching needs”, says Impraise.

Impraise was founded by Bas Kohnke, Steffen Maier, Arnaud Camus, and Filipe Dobreira, the company was built to provide solutions for maintaining engagement in team’s disparate offices.

The company has raised $4.7 million and has over 3000 clients this month with over 100,000 feedback.


With Impraise’s 360 feedback you can Help your team holistically understand their strengths and coaching opportunities by gathering feedback from the people they interact with the most. Your managers and HR team can organize 360-degree feedback for individuals (or any group of people) within minutes. A simple user interface minimizes workload for everyone. Feedback now becomes consistent and contextual.

“For many of us, feedback is formalized into structured annual reviews with expectations based for a consideration for raises, promotions or changes of role. The raison d’être for employee feedback is shifting from a need to checkpoint their development to pre-defined career ladders. The focus is on shaping an individual to do their best”, said Impraise CEO, Bas Kohnke in a Forbes interview.

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