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Excel with Business Introduction

Looking for online Microsoft Office training? We have you covered. Read our review of  Excel with Business and grab the best selling Microsoft Excel course right now.

In today’s world businesses can achieve success by using Excel effectively. In other words, developing a business and using Excel are unavoidably linked. A comprehensive knowledge of functions and formulas in Excel is essential to all entrepreneurs.  Many websites provide courses on the software functionality of Excel. These may help you improve at Excel. But, the growing world demands a closer alignment of Excel and commercial understanding. This is where Excel with Business stands out. Excel with Business is the perfect place to learn Microsoft Excel. Unlike other Excel courses, Excel with Business focuses on the relevance of Excel in business.  Excel with Business was founded in 2009 by Marc, Vin, and Chris. A team of talented Excel experts. They have different courses in Excel which will definitely enhance your career. The first course they launched quickly attracted 100,000 uses. To date, nearly one million users have taken one of their incredible courses. The courses are developed and structured by experts in each field. Check out some of the amazing courses and services offered by Excel with Business.

Best Selling Courses

There are a lot of courses from Excel with Business. All courses are CPD certified. The courses are packed with technical instructions, videos, lectures and practice exercises. There are courses for beginners as well as experts. The courses are easy to follow and achieve great results.  Courses include a diagnostic that analyses a student's current capability and recommends the best parts of the course to study. It’s another great feature that makes these courses business relevant and easy to use.

Microsoft Excel

This course was developed by Deborah Ashby, a Microsoft office expert, for beginners and intermediate users of Excel. The course contains 160 modules covering the latest and business relevant areas of Microsoft Excel. 100+ videos and 80 downloadable exercises are also available. The course starts with the basic ideas of Excel that how Excel works and the effective methods and instructions for making a spreadsheet. A great feature of this course is that this includes very popular formulas like IF, VLOOKUP, COUNT, SUM, SUMIF. It also helps to use PivotCharts, PivotTables, and Basic Macros. The total duration is 32 hours. The price is £59.00 per year. You can see the course contents and details here.

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Advanced Microsoft Excel

As the name suggests this course is for those who are intermediated and advanced in Microsoft Excel. This brings mastery to your Excel knowledge. Creating incredible graphs like a pro is a dream of every Excel user. This course is designed to teach more advanced applications of Excel. The Advanced Microsoft Excel course was designed by Simon Hurst. He is a Chartered Accountant and has taught IT for more than 25 years. The course is divided into six parts. This makes easy to filter according to your interest and contains 120+ modules, 90+ videos, and 50 downloadable exercises. What you get from this is really extraordinary. You will learn the functions and applications of advanced graphs in minutes. Automating your spreadsheets with macros and VBA helps you for increasing interactivity. This course brilliantly included this. It teaches how to solve complex problems using superpower functions. It does not stop here, you’ll learn so much more than you ever thought was possible in Excel. The duration is 16 hours. You can see the course contents and details here.

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Ultimate Microsoft Office

This 7-course bundle covers almost everything in the Microsoft Office suite. You’ll master Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and Outlook. Ultimate Microsoft Office is one of the best-selling bundles from Excel with Business. This bundle covers all the most business-relevant topics of Microsoft Office.  The full bundle is 83 hours long and the 7 courses in this bundle are Microsoft Excel, Advanced Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PivotTable, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Outlook. You get tons of value from this bundle with 540+ modules of training, 190+ videos, and 130 downloadable exercises. This bundle of courses will definitely enhance your Microsoft Office skills. The price for this bundle is £299.00 for a year. You can see the course contents and details here.

Mini MBA

Yes, this is about leading and managing. This 8course bundle teaches the latest and most practical business ideas. The bundle was authored by experts and trainers across various business disciplines, including Finance, Project Management, Business Analysis, Leadership and Commercial Management. This Mini MBA is not ‘mini’ in many ways. It’s packed full of practical business guidance that will give you fantastic results in your career. This Mini MBA bundle is perfect for those thinking of taking a traditional offline MBA, but don’t want to commit to the massive fees. This bundle includes plenty of excellent courses. Business Analysis, Finance for Non-Finance Professionals, Project Management, 2 x ILM leadership courses, Business Writing, Strategy and Business Models and Communication, Influence and Teams make up the titles in this bundle. These topics are all taught in a detailed and effective way. The total time to complete this set of courses is 67 hours and it’s priced at £349.00. You can see the course contents and details here.


Excel with Business are the kings at providing the right business skills training at the right time. The company gives you a wonderful experience in Microsoft Excel and business titles and does so at an affordable price. You won’t get more effective training at a better price.