Entrepreneurs! Make The Best Out of These 10 Google Apps

The virtuous growth of startup is in complete motion.  According to cityam.com reports, in the US alone, a mind-boggling $1,532 in venture capital is invested every second. Per year, that adds up to $48.3bn. In spite of this, it is also true that every startup does not succeed. 

Managing teams and projects, developing strategy, handling marketing, constantly checking the inbox, rushing to meetings are some of the daily hassles faced by an entrepreneur. But the most important factor for a startup is, to operate within budget & be wildly productive. It is not an easy task to manage a startup venture.

Keeping that in mind, we have listed below some of the best Google apps that a startup could use. These tools are there to simplify almost all aspects of a business.

Business Mail

Gmail is the most basic and common app that is used by users worldwide. Especially for a startup, it is almost a necessity to get a personalized mail setup in the name of the firm. This enables you to create business mail for your domain. The business mail contains 30 GB inbox storage. Gmail aids you communicate via email, SMS, voice or video chat. You can get business mail here- google.co.in

google business mail

Google Drive

Through google drive, it is easy to collaborate & share documents. It stores files up to 10 GB. By using a drive you can create shareable and online editable docs, sheets, and slides. Google drive makes it possible for the user to access any required files from anywhere and anytime, whether you are on your system or someone else's. 

Google Analytics

This is perhaps the most important tool for startups. Analytics enables you to measure the KPIs, what matters most to you. Analytics aids in tracking sales, traction and conversion rates via ads, videos, websites, tablets and smartphones. It gives a  measurement of  the success of your social media programs. It is free for users who have less than 5 million page views per month. You can get it here- analytics

g analytics

Google Smartsheet

Google smartsheet helps you in project management. It has features such as the calendar view, charts and automatically generated reminders, to help you in your work. You can get it here- smartsheet

Google Forms

You can utilise google forms to create polls/surveys for your business and quickly view and analyze the responses. These responses can be viewed in a real-time. Charts and presentation can be created from them for further reference or business purpose.  You can get it here- forms


Google Primer

Google launched primer with the sole motive of providing marketing knowledge and strategies to startups. It is primarily created to aid digital marketers. The primer contains five-minute lessons on important points like the acquisition of media coverage and content marketing. Primer's case studies and interactive quizzes teach big picture strategies. The videos are highly knowledgeable and greatly motivate the team members. Get your Yourprimer and enhance your digital presence.


Google Authenticator

The authenticator is a google application that prevents unwanted peoples to steal your services. Authenticator provides a six to an eight-digit one-time password which must be provided in addition to their username and password to log into Google services or other sites for safer security.  It also generates code for third-party applications, such as password managers. You can get it here- authenticator

Entrepreneurs! Make The Best Out of These 10 Google Apps

Google Merchant Center

Merchant center is a very important application for any startup entrepreneur. Through google merchant center you can manage your product inventory with google so that items or products could appear in Google properties. By merging Google Adwords and merchant center account your product could easily appear as product ads on google search and shopping. You can get it here- merchant-center

Google Keep

Google keep is basically a note-taking application. This allows you to set reminders and create lists. By using this app you can categorize each note with different marks and names. You can also manually set the view pattern. You can get it here- keep

Google Hangout

Through hangout, you can exchange your inputs with other team members on important topics. You can also record the conversation and use for further reference as well. Through hangout, you can do a live video or call with up to ten participants from your personal computer. It is available here- hangouts

Make the best use of these apps as these will only make your life better and less complicated. Other than these, there are plenty of business apps from Google. Use the most suited one for your firm & be wildly productive. Keep exploring, keep growing!

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