DIY Reputation Recovery Tips And Ideas For Flawless Google Presence

The Internet has given all of us humongous power and sometimes, it is misused to tarnish the business image and personal reputation. A review, news article or a blog post is enough to leave a negative mark on your online identity. Deloitte’s reputation survey 2014 observed that over 25% of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its reputation. Bad personal reputation has also destroyed careers and prospects. So, it’s highly important to remain aware of what the Internet is saying about you. To help small businesses and professionals check & recover from reputation damage, I have compiled the most-rewarding online reputation management tips in this blog. And the best thing is that these ideas are completely DIY in nature!

Read On To Build A Strong Online Reputation

Focus On Quality Content

Reputation management focuses on creating a positive image of you and your brand. Social updates, blogs, videos, tweets and everything else contribute to your public image and reputation. It is therefore wise to invest in creating high-quality content that will build audience trust.

Get Positive Reviews

According to Bright Local consumer review survey, positive reviews make 68% of consumers more likely to use local businesses. A business should work every day to gather positive reviews so that few negative reviews don’t harm the business. Professionals active in real estate, medicine, and consultancy can also follow this rule.

Improve Social Media Presence

Being active on major social media platforms is a powerful and effective marketing tactic. Two major benefits of social media marketing are exposure and traffic. Social media profiles have great potential to come up in search engine results. That’s why you need to optimize your social media profiles to make the best use of your online identity.

Track Your Reputation

Always remain conscious of your online reputation to take timely action as trust is respondent’s top priority. I believe that online reputation tracking tools like Google Alerts help to check your digital reputation. While positive reputation often links directly to increased customers, negative online reputation can make all your hard work & money go in vevainConsult online reputation management experts in case ORM threats are discovered.

Become Author At Media Sites

Start publishing quality content by making contributions to high authority media sites and magazines to overshadow the visibility of any negative online content or article related to your name. This way, you can publish more content you want your audience to see and avoid any irrelevant information about you. Don’t pay tens of thousands of dollars for online reputation recovery. Learn about the real cost of online reputation management.

Buy Yourself A Domain

Creating a website using your name as the domain name is one of the most effective reputation management tips for individuals. Once you have a domain name and nice website, improve its authority by creating and posting good content promptly. If you have reputation issues, this DIY reputation tip will help you regain your lost online reputation for sure.

Create Blogs On Top Blogging Platforms

High authority blogging sites optimized correctly have huge chances of appearing on the first page for individuals and long tail search phrases. This makes it a promising practice for individuals to improve their online reputation management. Write targeted content for high authority blogging platforms like Medium and publish it frequently even if the content is not long-form in nature.

Contribute To Popular Communities

There are discussion forums, online communities, and QA sites which can be channelized to create personal brand assets. Join channels relevant to your field and be an active part of it by making contributions. This will increase your online visibility. If your posts are legitimate and helpful, then, your profile will gain authority and contribute to building your reputation online.

Address Negativity Immediately

It sucks to see negative reviews or defaming blogs published about you on the Internet. Negative reviews and damaging content can come your way for no fault of your own. That’s why it always pays to address the negativity immediately. I often find many professionals ignoring negativity and later on suffering from serious reputation damage. And this is the biggest mistake you could make.

I hope above DIY reputation management tips will help you manage your online reputation efficiently. Struggling with damaging the online reputation and not sure how to proceed with the quickest recovery? Let’s discuss your online reputation case over email ([email protected])

Concluding Reputation Note

In the last decade, tens of thousands of individuals and businesses have suffered serious consequences for not creating a dedicated online reputation management strategy. Trust me; you don’t want to be caught up with a bad online reputation. Online reputation threats can come from sources like unhappy customers, employees and even partners. Fake media sites, business rivals, and online trolls also pose a threat to your overall reputation. Be proactive in developing an online presence and reputation is more important than ever in this digital era.