The Budget-friendly Outsourcing Rulebook for Startups

Running a startup is both difficult and stressful. You cannot be too picky about projects, and you are focused on building reputation at first, so your prices tend to be lower. Also, when you lack manpower, you need to rely on outsourcing to complete your tasks, and you need solutions that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

So, how should you deal with this problem? How can you find reliable people to outsource to, without paying too much? These questions will be tackled in the following article, and we will provide tips on finding budget-friendly outsourcing solutions.

Create an account on an outsourcing platform

Even if you don’t outsource too often, or do not plan on outsourcing too often, you need to create an account on an outsourcing platform. The main reason for this is to have a validated account and to be seen as a reliable client.

You need to ensure your profile looks professional and honest, because if it looks like it was made in a rush without all the necessary information, no one will apply for your job. It would be a good idea to outsource a few things just so that people can leave reviews that say you are a trustworthy client. If you do this, it will be easier to find freelancers when you really need them.

Test freelancers or outsourcing companies

Another reason why you should outsource a few projects is to test freelancers and outsourcing companies. You know very well how much you can afford for outsourcing expenses, and you need to find a few solutions that are willing to work for that amount. Once you find interested job applicants, start talking to them, and see their portfolio.

Then you need to give a chance to a few of them, and see who does a better job. This way you can know who to trust in the future. Also, outsourcing companies have more employees, so if you need something done swiftly, they are a better solution.

Outsource things out of your expertise

As a startup it is better to only outsource things that are outside your area of expertise. In truth you should outsource in order to meet deadlines as well, but since it is a startup period, you should put in extra work in order to meet those deadlines, rather than take the easy way out. You need to build a reputation and therefore it should be your work.

Interns are a good way to go as well

Finally, you can take on more workload if you have interns. With interns, you basically get a free workforce that is at the same time viable job candidates when you are expanding. It can be a bit time consuming to show them the ropes, but all things considered, it is a worthy investment due to these benefits.

Now that you know the basics of outsourcing, you can apply these tips on your business model. Startups have a really difficult time, but even they need to outsource, and the main problem is your budget and building trust with freelancers.  

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