Benefits & Association Partnerships with iStock

Micro and Macro stock image websites offer a wide variety of images, video, and vector files for you to use as a base for site background images, banners, presentations, mid-article imagery and so much more. The trouble is finding a stock image provider that offers a solid range of choices, with a very high standard of quality all at an affordable price.

We are fans of iStock because they provide easy ways for me to search for images, in fact, they just released a new Image Search tool which allows you to search for similar images to an example image that you can provide! You can try the Image Search option here. iStock offers a range of credit price options as well as subscription services. If you find that you do not use all your downloads within a month during your subscription, that’s OK because they offer download roll-overs on a monthly basis if you have auto-renew selected or an annual subscription. If you only want to buy a single image to start instead of subscribing right away, that’s an option too starting at 3 credits per image.  

If you really don’t want to commit to purchase for the first trial, iStock offer a free image, illustration and video every single week.

Partnership Benefits Available with iStock

  • If you have an office space that needs brightening up, you can save 15% plus free shipping on new framed prints from by Getty Images, be sure to use code ISART15 at checkout.
  • If you are using or thinking about switching to Dropbox to share and host files safely, you can receive 30% off Dropbox Pro or a free 90-day trial of Dropbox Business.
  • If you are branching into the world of promotional videos, you can now receive 50% off 3 months of PROMO through iStock to help your brand stand out on the web and social channels.
  • Switching domains or starting fresh? You can set up your new domain and email through GoDaddy starting at $1 a month through iStock!