5 Services That a Startup Should Outsource

O_AdviceWhen your startup’s workload becomes overwhelming, it may be a good time to consider some outside support. Sometimes, you will find it is much more practical to outsource a fragment of work then to waste time and resources on opening up another department. Here are some of the services a startup should outsource for a smoother and more cost-efficient operation.

Administrative Tasks

Focusing on your startup’s core processes is key to its growth, especially in its early stages. It is easy to get distracted by series of small administrative tasks that have to be done every day. Consider hiring a virtual assistant who can help with repetitive tasks such as answering phone calls and emails, scheduling appointments, data entry, etc. This is a very cost-efficient alternative to having a full-time employee, as you are only paying for the hours in which these tasks are being handled. Different types of virtual assistants can perform different duties, so be sure to find someone that covers all of your particular needs.


Accurate tracking of daily transactions and using accumulated data to make financial decisions in the future are crucial to the success of your business. If you do not have the time nor skill to do this yourself, hiring an outside professional is the way to go. Consider outsourcing bookkeeping, accounting, taxes and other financial services to ensure smooth operation of your startup.


An increasing number of businesses turn to outsourcing their payroll, taking into account the numerous requirements and tax regulations one has to be aware of at all times. Trying to keep up with constant changes in these regulations is also making the payroll processing extremely time consuming if you are doing it yourself. Outsourcing payroll services is a great alternative to in-house processing, even if you are a small company with just a few employees. Choosing a reliable service provider will give you time to worry about the more important aspects of your business that you can and should do yourself.

Web Design and Development  

As a company website is often the first contact potential customers have with your brand, having a great online presentation is a must. Unless you are particularly skilled in web design and development, leave this important task to the experts. From affordable freelancers to professional agencies, there are options for any budget. Be sure to communicate your ideas and expectations clearly to get a quality website that works for your particular type of business. Having a functional, easy-to-navigate, and visually appealing website will make you stand out from the crowd from the very start.

Digital Marketing

With so many operations a startup is running, it can be easy to neglect digital marketing. As successful digital marketing practices are essential to your startup’s visibility and success, this area is another one that should be outsourced for best results. Digital marketing includes many aspects and strategies such as SEO, social media, and content marketing. Particularly in the company’s early stages, hiring a full-time marketing team is not cost-efficient and trying to do all the necessary steps yourself can be overwhelming.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the area where the difference in quality is seen the most. It is important to attract and engage customers with content that is informative and useful without including too much self-promotion. Instead of wasting time learning and experimenting in order to find a content marketing strategy that works best for you, leave it to professionals with experience. While some may suggest hiring a freelance writer to begin with, content marketing is more than just a series of well-written articles. Working with a creative content marketing agency may be a better option, since they will offer a full marketing strategy that will help you engage your audience and generate more leads.

To Sum it Up

There are many other services that can be outsourced, such as developing, legal, graphic design, technical support, etc. Before you decide which services your company will outsource, establish a good business plan to determine which business areas are working effortlessly and which areas need outside help to function more efficiently. By choosing the right outsourced contractors, you feel have more valuable time and resources to invest in your company’s core operations and improve your product or service.efficiently. By choosing the right outsourced contractors, you feel have more valuable time efficiently. By choosing the right outsourced contractors, you will have more valuable time.

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