10 Coolest Startup Culture Hacks From Global Startups

With the kind of acknowledgment, startups are getting nowadays who wouldn’t want to work in one. Moreover, many startups have even gained decent funding which helps in building a unique place to attract and retain the top talent. With many startups offering great facilities for their employees, another factor that is important is employee retention. With many startups offering something great, there are always chances of employee moving to the next company, hence, the cool startup culture helps.

Why there’s a buzz around cool startup culture?

With the amount of competition arising in the startup industry, there are few offering cool startup culture. This helps them to attract experienced and knowledgeable talent along with helping in retaining them. This cool culture in the form of music classes, paid vacation etc. help in giving them an edge over other startups. This makes more employees attract towards them, ensuring they get the best in the crowd. Also with this kind of cool culture in offices, employees don’t find a reason to leave these companies.

Which are the top 10 companies offering cool startup culture?

Here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 companies offering a cool startup culture:

#1 Fresh Tilled Soil, United States

What they offer: Workation – An all expense paid

CEO: Richard Banfield

Culture: Now if you are not aware of what exactly Workation, we’ll help you understand. At ‘Fresh Tilled Soil’, employees get an all paid work leave. This work leave means that they can work at any cool and exotic location taking a break from the daily routine. The accommodation, air tickets, food, activity classes (like yoga, surfing etc.) are all paid for. During this leave, the employee has to work from there and the best part is that it is not counted as a leave.

#2 Idyllic software, India

What they offer: Flexi working environment

CEO: Jinesh Parekh

Culture: At Idyllic, the staff employees have the freedom to enjoy beer Fridays, work from home policy, PS3, guitars and indulge in any other activity. The best part is that the employees get to leave the company with a zero-day notice period.

startup culture

#3 Softwire, London

What they offer: Fully paid classes (singing, sushi making etc.)

CEO: Zoe Cunningham

Culture: The employees at softwire get to take music classes for free. An instructor for singing and drum teaching visits the office at regular intervals for whosoever wants to enrol for the activity. There are also classes for sushi making and much more.

#4 Hubspot, United States

What they offer: Unlimited vacations, unlimited kindle books for reading

CTO: Dharmesh Shah

Culture: Apart from the activity of randomly changing desks every quarter, the employees gets to have unlimited vacations which help them to break from the daily routine. They can also ask for any number of kindle books for reading.

startup culture 1

#5 Medigo, Germany

What they offer: Nice office space and ample of opportunity to travel

CEO: Ugur Samut

Culture: Herein the employees have many opportunities to travel abroad apart from having fun founders and some great office spaces to work. Another cool culture of the company is that the opportunities to go up in the company are available for its employees itself.

#6 Round, Israel

What they offer: Quiet Wednesdays

CEO: llan Leibovich

Culture: They offer ‘quiet Wednesdays’ which means you cannot speak on Wednesday for the first half of the day. In case you have any query or want to ask something to someone, you can ping them or mail them.

#7 Currency Fair, Ireland

What they offer: Cool work place

CEO: Bret Meyers

Culture: They have a lot of cool things to offer their employees. Apart from Friday free lunches and beers to free events and fruits, they also help their employees in relocating. There are no deadlines for the employees and no pressure absolutely.


#8 Quora, United States

What they offer: Vacation Tax

CEO: Adam D’ Angelo

Culture: whenever any employee of the company goes for a vacation, they are imposed with a tax. No, you need not worry as the ‘vacation tax’ isn’t so bad. Herein the employee has to get interesting food item from the place they have been.

#9 OZ, Iceland

What they offer: Mom cooking at office  

CEO: Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson

Culture: At OZ, mother or father of any team member could be invited to the office and they could have home style food cooked at office only.

startup culture 2

#10 Zipmatch, Philippines

What they offer: Music competition for the employees

CEO: John Dang

Culture: The company gives the employees a chance to compete within the organization but not in the form of work, instead in the form of music. Each team is given around 4 weeks to practice for the ‘Zipmatch unplugged’ competition in which different teams participate and compete with each other.

What these startups offer to their employees is a great way to ensure employee retention as no startup would want to lose great talent since they have a lot at stake.  

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