Zuckerberg Addresses Data Privacy in House Committee Hearing

As all of us, past few days have been very critical for Facebook and especially for the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. As a part of data protection & privacy norms, Facebook has to go through a lot of problems when they shared the data with Cambridge Analytica. Today, Mark Zuckerberg had to face the hearing from House Committee of Congress.

There were a lot of interesting things Zuckerberg revealed during the hearing in front of the committee for five hours. Mark made a clear case about supporting General Data Privacy Regulation as Facebook that EU has introduced. He also addressed that Facebook will roll-out “GDPR-style” data protection for Facebook users internationally. He stated that it includes offering several controls to the users and asking for consent and giving those controls upfront to the uses. facebook will also introduce a tool that will help users check their privacy settings for those applications where users have given their authentication.

Committee also asked several questions about tracking the user data throughout internet without the help of Facebook. he was also asked if Facebook maintained ‘Shadow profiles’ of internet users who never had an account or the ones who had deleted their Facebook accounts. He said that he was not aware of the shadow profiles. He also did not have any answer to the scope of dat Facebook collected for Facebook users and Non-users.

One of the funny moment came when Mark revealed that his own account data was scraped by Cambridge Analytica. Along with the data privacy, he was asked about several other Facebook products like Facebook’s Messenger for Kids and what are the steps the company taking for the privacy of those things. Congressmen also asked that what are the reasons that the company cannot enforce a policy for “no-data-sharing” until the user reaches 18 years of age.

The last important topic during the hearing was that of opioids. It has become very easy for people to sell drugs on Facebook. What are the steps Facebook taking to control those illegal activities? Mark answered that the company will try to improve its content moderation team. There are a number of areas of content that Facebook needs improvement.

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