Zorloo Unveils Ztella Integrated USB-DAC Cable With MQA Support

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Hong Kong-based Zorloo which specializes in HiFi audio products today unveiled the smallest integrated USB-DAC cable named Ztella.

The new device will be with high-end audio capability, and features like SABRE DACs and MQA rendering in an ultra-portable package. Zorloo will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for Ztella in the coming month. 

Previously, some low-performance USB adapters were the choice left for music lovers. With the arrival of Ztella, it will be a better option with its smaller size. 

Despite the demand grows for the HD audio parallel to the HD video, HD audio is mostly restricted by the hardware on the user side. Users had to spend a large chunk of money to get a USB-DAC cable, and it had some issues as well.

 Zorloo Unveils Ztella Integrated USB-DAC Cable With MQA Support

Zorloo understands the modification needs to be implemented, and it is nothing but a better digital-to-analog conversion process, and Ztella is the upshot of this thought. The low-quality conversion process thwarted the development of HD audio.

By introducing the new simple and efficient technology, the company is aiming to transform the HD audio enjoyment. Ztella brings sound quality to the next level by bypassing the phone's internal conversion using a digital USB connection.

The significant features make Ztella distinct from other USB-DAC Cables. High definition audio from PCM 384K to DSD 5.6M and MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) audio rendering support are the two significant characteristics of this new item.

Ztella is compatible with most of the mobile phones and computers since it comes with USB-C native connector along with the bundled USB-A adapter.

It has all the basic features from mic input to key control. It works by detecting the connected headphones and provides the perfect output level. The team claims that it could deliver an output of 2Vrms, and it has double the power of a standard smartphone.


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